Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Intermittent Fasting has transformed my tastebuds

I have noticed more lately how much I enjoy food. Fasting two days per week has given me new appreciation for the joy of chewing and the flavours of food.

But even more interesting is that the food I really enjoy the most is the whole, natural foods. The junk is not as appealing and I find that it seems too rich for me when I do have it.

I used to be able to eat two huge cookies no problem and try to contain myself to eat a third. The other day I bought one of those big cookies from Starbucks and half way through I had to stop. It was way too much for me.

Today I broke my fast at noon with a delicious salad, two hard boiled eggs, 1/4 of an avocado, a handful of cashews and a slice of wheat free bread with flax seeds. It was all SO good. It tasted amazing and was way better than any chocolate chip cookie!

I love how intermittent fasting has transformed my taste buds.


  1. very interesting, thanks. I read all your posts but don't comment. Keep on the blog, i love it !

  2. Great! I am so inspired by your regimen! Have you noticed any health benefits from the fasting?

    I have been fasting myself and my small dogs one day a week (Sundays). I am considering moving to two days a week (Sundays and Mondays). How long do you think it would take to build up to two days a week? I am mainly fasting us for the health benefits as we don't need to lose any weight. We have a few health issues that we want to resolve by fasting. Thanks!

    1. If you have already been doing one day a week for a while now and don't find it difficult then I would say to give the two days a try and see how you feel.

      I am not sure about the dogs...that may be something you should ask your vet about? I know that I have to watch how I feel and use that as a base for reaction. If I feel light headed or tired...once or twice I felt a little nauseous...I just eat. Unfortunately, our dogs can't tell us that : )

      Check out my post on the health benefits:


  3. Yes, I read your posts about the health benefits of fasting. I have been reading your blog for about a year now and that's what made me start fasting! :)

    My vets are unsupportive of fasting. As you probably know, few docs support and/or know about fasting.

    I was wondering if YOU have noticed any health benefits since fasting two days a week? Thanks!

    1. I have noticed my own health benefits from fasting in general (cleared up acne, better blood pressure and significant reduction in cholesterol and blood sugar levels) but it is hard to say for sure if I notice any significant change since switching to two days...but I am working around a lot of sick people lately and haven't caught a cold, knock on wood...

      I have, however, lost about 10 pounds since switching my routine so that is certainly good for my health.


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