Monday, June 9, 2014

Fasting and Exercise

I have still been struggling with keeping food out of my fasting hours. But, I have been adding more exercise into my routine. I added an app to my phone, RunKeeper, to track my exercise and I joined a local gym.

I have been bike riding a lot and on Saturday, my husband and I did a 40K+ bike ride! It was mostly flat, with just a few moderate hills, but man was I beat at the end! Beautiful weather and scenery along the way so totally worth it! Plus, I love bike riding, so it doesn't really feel like exercise at all.

I have been fasting all day today and will break my fast tomorrow at lunch, trying to kick start my fasting schedule again. I have to get back on track with keeping food out of my fasting hours. The weekend is especially hard for me!


  1. Hi Jenna,
    I just found this blog. It is excellent. Good for you. I've fasted a lot in the past as it's the easiest way for me to loose weight and feel good. I'm starting up again. I'll use your plan this time and let you know how I do. I'll start tomorrow morning. Tanya

  2. Hi, Jenna,

    I, too, am an intermittent faster, and am glad to have found your blog page. I find the best way I've been able to work my weight down and keep myself from completely falling off the rails is by fasting. And I'm totally committed to keeping it a part of my regimen for the rest of my life, and wish I'd tried fasting a lot earlier.

    I was initially inspired a couple of years ago by Michael Mosley's documentary, Eat, Fast,and Live Longer, which explored various ways of going about fasting and the health reasons for doing so. I lost weight (about 40 pounds, and still have around 50 pounds more to go). I also found that I backslid a bit during periods of various kinds of stress- which I'll get into in a minute. BUT, I also realized that fasting is a biologically sound way to get trim and fit, so I did still skip at least some meals several times a week when I was not doing a full-out fast and only gained 10 pounds over the winter, even though I COOK for a living part of the time! I am now doing DR. Herring's Fast Five formula and enjoying it.

    Various things I've realized while doing fasting are that: 1) Stress can easily derail a fast; 2) You must be very kind to yourself, and if you stray, just get back to it by skipping a meal, or eating lightly next mealtime, and THEN fasting again; 3) Realize that some days it's best NOT to fast (family event, not feeling well enough, weather too cold, etc.); 4) You absolutely can, and in my opinion, should, switch it up and do different intermittent fasting patterns according to the current circumstances, weight changes, etc. in your life; 5) Make sure that when you eat during non-fast times, MOST of the time you consume really delicious, nutritious foods that you have cooked from scratch yourself according to what you feel your body needs today. Soon you will find that fast foods and prepared foods taste like the garbage they are!!! :-)

    For instance, Dr. Mosley (5:2 Diet) found after a while that he simply could not continue to fast two days a week, so he cut it back to one. With the Krista Varady plan for IF, you initially eat normally every other day and then take in about 500 calories the alternate day until you are down to your target weight, and then eat 1000 calories on the fast day to maintain.

    As for dealing with stressors? Check out Jon Kabat-Zinn and his mindfulness training. Here is a video from a Google lecture: . He's excellent, and has books and guided meditation disks available. Another stressor I found somewhat MORE difficult to deal with was COLD WEATHER! I, by necessity, keep most of my house cold during the winter months (I do have a nice warm room where my wood stove is, though) and found it difficult to do the Fast Five when my biological system demanded that I do my best to stay warm. On the coldest days I found it worked well to made nice, healthful soups and broths to sip on, and also drink various hot teas, especially green tea.

    I think not too long from now, fasting will become much more mainstream- we are on the cutting edge with this. Keep on keeping on, and "Happy Journey!"

  3. I really love your blogs as it is full of amazing recipes. I am using the method of Intermittent Fasting to reduce my weight. This is quite a simple diet plan to adhere to. You are allowed to consume over a period associated with 24hrs, than the following 24hrs you have in order to fast. That's all there's to it. There aren’t any restrictions on what you eat, so you can consume the greasiest food with additional gravy on top, or even stop off at the actual bakery and get the actual sweetest cake you are able. It doesn't matter. You may also eat as much as you would like, but you can just eat during that 24hr period. After which, you're on a quick. During this two day time period, you do wind up eating a regular 2 days worth of food, therefore there is no hunger going on.

  4. Are you still utilizing IF? I'm using eat stop eat myself right now and blogging about it.

  5. Hope you are doing well. Thanks for taking the time to share your journey. Remember it is not the destination but the journey that matters!

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