Sunday, April 1, 2012

Over Eating

I still over eat...I try so hard but it is just something that I can never fully shake.

During the week I do pretty well, I eat mainly fruit, veggies and protein. Hardly any carbs and very little sugar. Occasionally I have a treat as well, a muffin or a cookie..but I really want to cut that out during the week.

But, then on the weekend I just eat what I want, still within my 5 hour window but most of the time I eat too much.

This habit is hard to break, fasting has helped but not solved the problem. Over eating is like an addiction to food. And being addicted to food is the worst!

If a heroine addict was taken to rehab and they told the doctors:

You need to stop taking all this heroin, it is bad for you, we want you to have just a little bit of heroin every day...but don't have too much!

How successful do you think that addict would be at kicking their habit?

We have to eat. We have to eat to live. If I lived in the middle of no where and didn't have a TV, could only live off the land, maybe I would do better. But there are all these commercials for food and billboards for food and pubs, and restaurants and corner stores and gas is absolutely EVERYWHERE.

How successful do you think that addict would have been if he was also sent out into the world where there was heroin for sale on every corner, with big advertisements on how wonderful heroin is? He would  probably overdose in the blink of an eye.

So, I am trying...most days I am successful, but I am certainly not perfect and I don't know that I ever will be, but I am trying.

At the very least, I have released a bunch of weight that will never return thanks to intermittent fasting. And I have added a ton of healthy food to my menu which is wonderful for my health. I hope that someday, somehow, I can kick this addiction to overeating and release the last of this unwanted weight...

One day at a time.
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