Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Over-eaters do well with intermittent fasting

Angela inspired me to write this post.

Intermittent fasting is a great way to control over-eating. I am an over-eater. When I eat, I like to eat until I am stuffed to the brim, almost sick. Before fasting that translated to being stuffed to the rim almost all day long. Eat breakfast, then a snack, then a treat, then a big lunch...oh so full, then some dessert, then a snack, then a big dinner...oh so full, then dessert, then a snack, or two, then bed and again the next day...

Now I eliminate two thirds of all of that!!! Now I eat one big satisfying meal, a dessert and a snack. I fast the rest of the time and think about all the food I am going to have the next day to help me complete my fasts. I use my weakness as a strength to help me over-eat just once a day which brings me into normal territory.

Us over-eaters have a problem that is really hard to fix. We need to accept what we are. Know the issue and work with what we have to fix it. This is true for all problems, we all have to just work with what we have. My love of food and of large portions is how I can fast. Thinking about my next big meal keeps me focused and able to obstain.

My over-eating is what helps me to not eat at all...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Patience = Freedom

People often ask me why I don't "just eat small healthy meals" instead of fasting to lose weight. They say that if I can have the will power to not eat at all why can't I use that will power to not eat the foods that can make us fat. Use that will power to avoid those foods all together.

Seems reasonable someone who has been skinny their whole lives. To someone who doesn't struggle with food addiction or eating emotionally or dieting. For someone who hasn't yo-yo dieted their entire lives.

The reason those of us who need to lose weight, need to lose weight in the first place is because we struggle with eliminating certain foods from our diets. If we didn't, we wouldn't be overweight in the first place. It is hard for us, they don't understand how hard.

The reason my "will power" is so strong during fasting is because anytime I feel hunger or think about eating I know that when I do eat, I can eat what I want. Anything I want. I can eat foods that are forbidden when on a diet. That is how I do it. I think about the meal I am going to have. A BIG meal with lots of wonderful, favourite choices. If my choices were to have a hamburger and fries every time, I would still lose weight with fasting.

But here is the even better part about fasting...

I don't choose a hamburger every time...I don't eat all junk everyday...not because I am making a "healthy choice" but because my body asks for healthy things too because it wants it and makes me want it too. I do eat junk too though, because I also like junk. I like french fries and chips and chocolate and cookies and cake. I eat those, I eat those regularly. I also have a ton of veggies in a day and love fruit. I enjoy healthy fats and protein. I have a well balanced diet but I also get my treats.

That is how I am able to fast. I think about my treats. I know I will get them. I know they won't make me fat. I enjoy them and celebrate that I never have to give them up.

Patience can = Freedom too.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fasting = Freedom

People think about fasting and think, I couldn't do that, it would be way too hard. I get really grumpy when I don't eat. I feel light headed. There is no way I could go that long without food.

They forget that they fast everyday...and don't feel light headed at all. When they sleep. After dinner until the morning when they eat breakfast, they are fasting, usually for about 12 hours. And in the morning, they feel normal, they aren't gnawing their own arm off. It is because the body is used to this. It is used to this routine. So it doesn't send all these signals to the body screaming for food because it knows it won't get it, they are asleep.

That is what happens when you incorporate a schedule of fasting into your life. When you normally eat, that is when you start feeling hungry. That is when the body starts sending signals telling you that it is almost time to eat...the rest of the time, nothing, just the same feeling you always have when you are in between meals, calm, happy body on a schedule and doing fine.

Fasting is really easy once you get on a schedule. Granted, getting on that schedule can be a challenge because it takes some time for your body to adjust. However, the results you will see on the scale if you stick to it and are strict at first will definitely motivate you to keep going. In my first week of trying this lifestyle I lost 8 pounds! That was more than enough motivation for me.

Now that I am adjusted I feel free. Free because I no longer have to count, measure, eliminate or suffer. I eat the foods I love. Tonight we are having Indian food, complete with samosas, naan bread and butter chicken. On a diet, I wouldn't be able to do this. I would be suffering either from guilt from doing it anyway or jealousy from watching everyone else do it...


That is what you gain. Freedom for the rest of your life.

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Intermittent Fasting Closet

I am out of the closet...the intermittent fasting closet.

It is interesting, I was so insecure and worried in the beginning about what people would say. For good reason... people don't understand it because it is a very different way to live than what they are used to. But that doesn't make it wrong or unhealthy or bad...

The best advice I can give about coming out of the intermittent fasting closet is to take your time and learn the program. Give yourself time to get results and compare how you feel now that you have taken fasting into your life. Do research and read about the benefits as well as feel them for yourself.

Once you feel confident that this is the lifestyle for you, just mention it where appropriate. If someone asks you if you would like a cookie and you are fasting, tell them, no thank you, I am fasting right now. See what happens. Most times they don't even ask, but if they do, tell them the condensed version of what intermittent fasting is. I say:

"I eat within a 5 hour window of time each day and the rest of the time I fast."

Questions will come after that of which most are really easy to answer. I have written a post that outlines most of the regular questions that I get here, and if you get someone who hounds you and tells you how bad it is for you, just tell them that it works for you and everyone has to do what works for them, we are all different.

And then brush off the negativity. Do what you know is working for you and what you know makes you feel good.

I find that now, after being "out" for so long, everyone in my life knows my lifestyle and 99.9% of them are supportive. That doesn't mean that they are suddenly going to get on the fasting ban wagon but they are polite and considerate. I have co-workers coming around with treats sometimes and they ask, "Are you fasting right now? I have a treat if you want one..."

People have to accept who you are and what you do if they see that it makes you happy.

The key is, don't try to push this lifestyle on them, don't get defensive when questions happen, and brush off the negative comments with a confidence in your decision.

It is sort of like religion. We don't all believe in the same God or have the same ideas about faith but that doesn't mean you hide your beliefs from those around you who don't believe the same thing. You show confidence in your beliefs, be open to those who have questions and know inside yourself that what you believe in is true.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Preparing for Vacation

I have booked an amazing vacation in the Bahamas for just before Christmas! I am so excited to actually relax on a vacation! Hubby and I usually TRAVEL not VACATION...we explore, take photos, walk 12+ hours a day trying to see and do everything we can...

We have never done a vacation where we just relax on a beach and unwind before. It will be an adjustment. We are going to a Sandals all inclusive resort. Of course this means unlimited food and alcohol any time I I have to get prepared for that. I hope that I can just keep my 5 hour window but I know that on vacation, that is more difficult for me. I went on a cruise a while back and did ok but didn't stick to my window perfectly. I had a couple of days were I ate two meals and a couple of days where I extended my fast. So, I won't beat myself up if I am not perfect but I do want to go in with a plan.

My plan is to stick to dinners only but allow a couple of days where I can have two meals. I will also extend my window by a couple of hours once or twice to enjoy some late evenings.

Before my vacation I am going to be extra strict and stick to my window but also try to avoid eating extra treats and snacks during my window. I am going to do a 64 hour fast before and after the vacation as well to help get me back on track once my fun is over...

I have been doing really well with my fasting and have been able to continue with my all day fast once per week and my 64 hour fast once per month. But still no movement on the just stays exactly the same every time. But I am not discouraged because I am happy with how I look now too. Staying the same most definitely beats gaining any day!
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