Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Train Moving Again

You know when a train is going full force in one direction and then the engineer decides to stop and reverse? It takes a while for the train to slow, then stop, then begin moving in the opposite direction again...

That is what has been happening with my weight since my detour around the holiday season. I gained a bunch of weight after indulging in a week of all inclusive resort fun and Christmas treats...

January 1st I was back on plan and I also added in exercise which I have been regularly doing three days per week (Pilates, TRX and Spinning). I have been really frustrated though because despite exercising really hard, following my eating window to a T and eating really well during my eating window, I saw no results on the scale or in the way my clothes were fitting.

But, I stuck to plan because I am confident in intermittent fasting. It has never let me down before. When followed correctly and consistently, the results are always there.

Finally, this morning when I stepped on the scale, I saw a loss of three pounds. The train is moving in the right direction again...full steam ahead!
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