Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Train Moving Again

You know when a train is going full force in one direction and then the engineer decides to stop and reverse? It takes a while for the train to slow, then stop, then begin moving in the opposite direction again...

That is what has been happening with my weight since my detour around the holiday season. I gained a bunch of weight after indulging in a week of all inclusive resort fun and Christmas treats...

January 1st I was back on plan and I also added in exercise which I have been regularly doing three days per week (Pilates, TRX and Spinning). I have been really frustrated though because despite exercising really hard, following my eating window to a T and eating really well during my eating window, I saw no results on the scale or in the way my clothes were fitting.

But, I stuck to plan because I am confident in intermittent fasting. It has never let me down before. When followed correctly and consistently, the results are always there.

Finally, this morning when I stepped on the scale, I saw a loss of three pounds. The train is moving in the right direction again...full steam ahead!


  1. Hi Jenna,
    I'm writing an article for Harper's Bazaar about intermittent fasting, and I like your blog and the story you tell. I'd love to talk to you for the piece. You can reach me at bill dot gifford at gmail.
    Bill Gifford

  2. This question doesn't really apply to this post but I was wondering your opinion. I was doing a 16/8 fast and have now been following the fast-5 for the past 3 days. It's been just as doable as an 8 hour eating window was. My question is regarding the moving around of your eating window. I have a schedule that is very much all over the place and is never consistent. Some days 12-5pm would work and other days 5-10pm is better. Does messing with your eating window consistency mess with your results. For example, I stopped eating at 10pm last night... I obviously HAVE TO wait 19 hours before I eat again which would make it hard to eat at noon the next day (providing that is what my schedule would prefer). How does one deal with regular transition if they don't work a regular 9-5, M-F, job?

  3. That is a difficult one.

    I do find that my results are more consistent with a regular routine the majority of the time, but everyone is different, so you just have to test it out and see what results you get.

    I do move my window around on the weekends to accommodate parties and events, but I keep it the same each week. 12-5 Mon-Thurs and 5-10 Friday and Sat. I also add in a long all day fast on Sundays to help "re-set" my system to go back to my regular 12-5 schedule the following week.

    I suggest you find an eating window that works best for you most of the time and then switch to a different window when you need the flexibility, and make that your schedule. Moving it around and never having any constant routine might make it difficult for your body to adjust.

    Consider using an extended fast to bridge the gap between the transition. Extend it to 24 hours or longer to kick start the process.

    Good Luck!

  4. Hi Jenna...I started f5 3 weeks ago...I was searching for more info and came across your blog. I have read every entry and just wanted to say thank you so so much. It has been so inspirational to read. As someone just starting out on f5 I can't thank you enough for taking the time to share your journey. 3 weeks in and I'm down 4 lbs. So many of the things you shared have helped me already. Your writing style is fun to read. Do you know of any other f5 blogs?

  5. I often "fall off the wagon." I like the fact that you do reward yourself from time to time knowing you will get that "train" moving in the right direction again. Thanks for sharing.

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