Monday, February 20, 2012

Intermittent Fasting Articles

Check out this new article that mentions intermittent fasting as a great way to manage weight.

And this article that talks about the health benefits, this time mentioning that it could greatly reduce the onset of Alzheimer's.

I love how many articles seem to be popping up shouting the benefits of intermittent fasting. Slowly but surely it is getting the recognition it deserves!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Intermittent Fasting Timeline

Nothing changes overnight.

Why don't diets work? Because people on diets don't have a long term plan. 

If they did, they would never try diets like the cabbage soup diet or the pre-packaged chemicallized food diet. No one can do those diets long term. And to really succeed in weight loss you need to change something forever. Do you know anyone who wants to eat cabbage soup every meal forever?

Why don't diets work? Because people on diets have unrealistic expectations.

Their new diet plan sounds good on paper. But, is it really realistic that someone who is 100 pounds overweight is suddenly going to eat salad every day and work out 5 times per week? Absolutely not.

Intermittent Fasting is not a diet. It is a lifestyle change. Lifestyles do not change overnight. They change little by little, very slowly.

Do what works for you. 

Do a fast when you normally don't eat very much. If you eat most of your food at night, fast in the morning and afternoon. If you eat most of your food in the morning fast in the evening. If you don't think you can fast the whole 19 hours at once, break it up into two parts and eat in the middle of the day instead. Remember that 12 hours or so of your fast is evening wind down time or morning wake up time and sleeping. If you eat at noon, then you only have to fast a bit after you wake up and a bit after 5pm until bed. That is much more manageable than all at once.

Don't overdo it.

Some people have great success combining a certain diet with intermittent fasting. For example low carb or calorie counting. But I wouldn't recommend it if you are new to fasting. Get used to it, do it for a while, months, before you try to mix it up. You need to give your body time to adjust. When people overdo it they fail because it is just too much at once, too big of a change.

Don't give up.

Just because you have a day or week or month where you are off plan or off target doesn't mean it is all over. People who are thin are thin because overall they stick to their lifestyle. They may have a vacation where the alcohol and food is plentiful. They may have a day or two when they are enjoying celebrations where desserts are many and the wine is flowing. They may have a treat here and there, but just because they indulged for a while doesn't mean they give up everything they do most of the time. They go back to the lifestyle that has kept them skinny in the first place. They go back to what they know, and they don't beat themselves up.

Assess what you don't need.

Everyone has habits. They do things because they have always done them. If you ask them why, they probably won't know. I'm sure there are things you do that you could do without. For example, I gave up soda/pop. I didn't really like it, I just drank it because I always had. It was there and easy and something I would have in a restaurant when I didn't know what I wanted to drink. It was filler. When I realized I didn't need it, it was easy to give it up. Look at your habits, ask yourself if you really need them. You might be surprised how easy it is to give some of them up.

Accept what you do need, especially if it helps you get what your BODY needs.

I need croutons and my favourite dressing in my salad. They make my salad more enjoyable. The reason I love salad is partly because of them. If I had to get rid of my salad dressing, I don't know that I would want to eat salad every day. Yes, salad dressing has sugar and calories and there are better things I could use. But, if I was to stop using it and that resulted in me not eating salad at all, I would be much worse off. I read a great example of this in the book The Gabriel Method where he talked about adding greens and veggies to his diet. He said he hated them but knew his body needed them, so what he did was cut up a piece of pizza and put it in his salad. Or do the same with a burger and fries. It made the salad part more enjoyable and got him to eat the good stuff along with the bad rather than not at all. Baby steps that led to him eventually not eating the pizza or burger at all anymore.

Take it one step at a time and allow yourself to stand still as long as you need to.

Lifestyle changes happen over long periods of time and only become a lifestyle after you have adopted them as your routine for a long period of time without abandoning them. Who cares if you haven't lost a pound in over a haven't gained either...and that is the real victory. It took a long time to put this weight on, and if you want to lose it and never find it again, it will take a long time to get it off too. That is ok, this is a marathon, not a sprint. Keep doing the steps above and you will slowly find your way to the perfect balance that takes no effort at all.

When you are ready, take the next step but remember to follow all the same advice above when doing so.

If you are ready to make another move, change some more, remember:

Nothing changes overnight.

Have a long term plan.

Be realistic.

Do what works for YOU.

Don't overdo it.

Don't give up.

Assess what you don't need.

Accept what you do need, especially if it helps you get what your BODY needs.

Take it one step at a time and allow yourself to stand still as long as you need to.

I have created a new lifestyle for myself that is a huge improvement over what I once was. It happened so slowly that it felt effortless, yet if I had tried to do it all at once I would have failed miserably. Only when I did what I described above, did I finally succeed. And it is still ongoing. I am always re-assessing and making small tweeks, tiny adjustments that over time make a huge impact.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Intermittent Fasting Reduces Belly Fat

Check out this new article on Intermittent Fasting and Belly Fat...

Reduced Sugar Cravings

Since I have been eating less sugar for about a week now, I notice a huge difference already in the amount of sugar I want.

Even at the end of last week after only 4 days of eating just three squares of chocolate per day and no bread or other carbs I have little to no sugar cravings at all.

At the beginning of last week I decided that I would have desserts and/or sweets and carbs only on weekends and in small amounts, so the beginning of the week I was thinking about what dessert I was going to have on the weekend and starting to look forward to that.

Well, Friday came around and I got all the ingredients and groceries I needed to make my mexican meal of burritos with home made guacamole. I made my meal and enjoyed dinner with my husband and family and after dinner we started playing cards and having some wine. Only then did I realize that I had forgotten all about dessert!

This may sound like no biggie, but for me it is huge. Even my husband said that he was wondering if I was going to mention dessert, that it was very strange for me to not plan out what sweet to have.

It didn't even cross my mind...And I think I would have forgotten about it all together if not for the fact that we had company over and I was reminded of it because I usually offer something after dinner to guests.

So, I think this is working quite well so far. I haven't had any problems reducing my sugar intake because I still get my 3 squares of chocolate and I have only had to make a few modifications to my regular diet rather than a huge change. If I had done this at the beginning of this journey it wouldn't have worked at all. It would have been too drastic a change. But now, little by little, I have made adjustments that have become my way of living. Sugar is just the next logical step.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Fasting as Effective as Chemotherapy?

Wow! Check out this quote:

The study authors found fasting cycles without chemotherapy to be effective against breast cancer, melanoma, glioma and human neuroblastoma. Additionally, fasting increased survival of mice exposed to human ovarian cancer and delayed the spread of melanoma to other organs within the body.

Read the full article on the HERE.

The article is based on research that you can read more about HERE.

Avoiding Sugar

So far so good. I have been avoiding sugar all week. There were about 4 dozen donuts in the office on Tuesday and I didn't have one! YEAH!

Planning to keep that up, no treats in the office anymore! My only indulgence will be three squares of chocolate per day and I plan to only bring three squares with me so that I don't eat more. That should take care of my sweet tooth while still being a moderate amount.

I have completely illuminated grains and carbs during the week, but will have some in moderation on Friday and Saturday. Will also have one dessert on Friday and Saturday as well.

These small changes should make a big impact.

I used to have a treat at work whenever offered, which added up to at least one per day. Plus, I would eat chocolate every day too, at least one chocolate bar per day. Then on the weekends I would sometimes have more than one dessert after dinner. Because I am fasting 19 hours per day, I was able to do this and remain the same weight, which is great. But, I want to lose another 30 pounds so I really need to step up my game.

But, those of us who hate dieting know that a diet will not work. So, small changes are going to be my key. I am not eliminating carbs and sugar but I am greatly reducing them and when I add up what I will be getting rid of, I don't see how that can not translate onto the scale.

Fingers crossed! We will see how it goes, but so far, I am finding this to be no struggle at all because I still get my little sweet and my weekend splurges to look forward to!

Goal weight I have you in my sights!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sugar is evil

Thanks so much for your recent comments. I have had regular advice from many of you to cut out sugar. It has been a struggle for me to commit to that because I have always loved the freedom that intermittent fasting has allowed me and sugar was a big part of that.

I think I will go the middle way and greatly reduce rather than eliminate all together. I have a new plan to try to get moving again towards my goal.

I want to incorporate eating similarly to the South Beach diet but without actually dieting and without being 100% off of anything.

Here is what I am thinking:

19 hour fast, 5 hour window. Make small adjustments to what I already eat most days eliminating sugar as much as possible and eliminating grains.

Brocoli Coleslaw
Pumpkin & Sunflower Seeds
Chicken Breast
(need some kind of crouton substitute, something really crunchie any suggestions? Nuts are an option but I prefer something similar to croutons or tortilla chips without the grain.)

Home Made Dressing:
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Sesame Oil
Balsamic Vinegar
Natural Peanut Butter

Hard Boiled Egg
1/4 Avocado
Cheese Slices


Hard Boiled Egg
with Hummus Dip

3 Squares of Chocolate

NOTE: Avoid all the extras! There are always extra treats and goodies around the office. Just say no.

24 hour fast, break fast at dinner, 5 hour window. Cook at home, healthy, hearty recipes that may or may not include grains, carbs, or dessert.

19 hour fast, break fast at dinner, 5 hour window. Free day, eat out, don't go overboard, but enjoy.

NOTE: On Friday and Saturday, stick to 5 hours, have a tendency to go over...

All Day Fast 36+ hours.

NOTE: Once per month do an extended 60-72 hour fast.


Thursday, February 2, 2012

So, now that I have stopped the pill because of my allergy, I have gained weight. This is the first time since I started fasting where I have had significant weight gain. I have gone up about 10LBS.

They say that when you stop the pill, there should not be weight gain, but there definitely is something going on. I did a search online and found that there are a lot of people who have had the same experience, all claiming about 10Lbs gain. I am doing absolutely nothing different. I had been at the same weight within about 3Lbs for almost a year and then boom, it shot up.

I am trying to be patient and just wait it out and hope that it will stabilize again and I will go back down. So frustrating. At least that terrible rash is gone I guess. But I feel so bloated and yucky. I was happy at the weight I was at before. Fingers crossed that this will easily fix once my body and hormone levels normalize again.
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