Thursday, February 2, 2012

So, now that I have stopped the pill because of my allergy, I have gained weight. This is the first time since I started fasting where I have had significant weight gain. I have gone up about 10LBS.

They say that when you stop the pill, there should not be weight gain, but there definitely is something going on. I did a search online and found that there are a lot of people who have had the same experience, all claiming about 10Lbs gain. I am doing absolutely nothing different. I had been at the same weight within about 3Lbs for almost a year and then boom, it shot up.

I am trying to be patient and just wait it out and hope that it will stabilize again and I will go back down. So frustrating. At least that terrible rash is gone I guess. But I feel so bloated and yucky. I was happy at the weight I was at before. Fingers crossed that this will easily fix once my body and hormone levels normalize again.


  1. Hello Jenna, i also stopped the pill a few months ago and i am glad that it didn't show on the scale.
    I 'm living the fast-5 live since 2 weeks now and LOVE it ! your blog help a lot ! i have not much weight to lose but i am very interested in stopping snaking all the time and beeing obsessed with food ... i totally aggree with you with the sense of FREEDOOM

  2. Hi Jenna,
    I've read your blog and site a bit, and it would highly recommend a few things to really help with the fatloss. Reduce fructose down as much as possible; fructose is a component of sugars of course. Also reduce down all bread-products as much as possible and increase your good fats like coconut and avocado. I've been doing IF for a good 160+ days now. For a guy in this period of time, I went from 225 to my current weight of 187 and will probably start to pull back on the 18 hour non-eating window once I hit around 175 (probably down to about a 14-15 hour window). But I've been able to accomplish the targeting of fatloss due to the reduction of bad sugar (fructose) and elimination of most grains with the IF. I notice that you like to eat a lot of breads, so I thought I'd mention that to you. Fructose taxes your liver because it's the only place it can be processed in the human body, so keep that in mind. I usually start my day with 3 eggs with yolks, and if I'm still hungry, plain yogurt with a little banana and coconut flakes. The eggs are key to eliminating all hunger for the rest of the day to the next fast. The last meal is usually about 1000 cals with meats, cheese, black beans, tuna, etc. So there is again a good source of protein. I usually try to workout just before ending the fast as well, even if it's just 10mins of squats, pushups or whathaveyou just before I break the fast.

  3. It's called "You're pregnant."

  4. LOL! Hmmmm, why didn't I think of that...? Maybe I will end up on one of those "I didn't know I was pregnant" shows...

    No, not pregnant.


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