Sunday, May 29, 2011

Been Busy!

Sorry I have been missing in action for a while... I have been really busy. I went to a wedding in Victoria for the weekend of May 14th, then it was my birthday May 19th and we went on an RV trip down to the Okanagan for the long weekend. Then I came back and had a girls weekend with some friends to celebrate my birthday and another friends birthday that is on the 30th. So, I have been pretty busy lately.

But, still doing well with fasting and still sticking to my reduced carb choices three days per week. I really notice a difference in my digestion and how I feel when I don't eat wheat. I am going to really try to limit the wheat I eat as much as possible. And carbs will be limited too, within reason of course. I don't really like giving anything up completely because it doesn't really seem maintainable for me, but limiting is certainly the first step.

Here is a photo of the food I eat Mon, Tue and Wed. I also have some chocolate for dessert and later have a snack of carrots, cucumber and hummus dip.  I love how colorful this meal is. I REALLY enjoy it when I eat it, so much variety and flavor! The bread is a wheat free bread that I LOVE. It is 100% rye flower with flax seeds. In my salad is some egg, chicken, avocado, spinach, broccoli coleslaw, cucumbers, sesame seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds and dressing. Sometimes I also have some pickles and later in the day I might have a banana for a snack.

I often say that two years ago if I had tried to switch the way I eat to this meal overnight, there is no way I would have managed to stick to it. But now, I know that I will keep this up. Fasting gives my body the chance to tell me what foods it wants in the form of CRAVINGS. Cravings that are just as powerful as the ones we get for chocolate cake. I CRAVE this food now, because my body wants it, it wants the nutrients. It feels good when I give it these nutrients so it asks for more.

I am doing all of this in small steps. 

First step was deciding I had enough and making a commitment to change. 

Second step was giving up carbonated drinks and diet sweeteners.

Third step was try fasting, work my way up to the 19 hour fast.

Fourth step was adding in more veggies, always break my fast with veggies and eat them first. That is when I started eating my spinach salad.

Fifth step was adding in more longer fasts to help kick start my weight loss and keep me consistently moving downwards.

Sixth step was adding in some activity, yoga twice a week is now a must for me, and I want to add a third day. 

Seventh step was changing how I eat Mon-Wed and reducing my carbs. 

And there will be many more steps to come I am sure. There were things I tried along the way that didn't stick. Things that I just didn't enjoy, counting calories, lifting weights, cutting out wheat and dairy completely etc. The things that stuck were the things that I found I did because I enjoyed them, not because I had to do it or should do it but because I really wanted to do it. 

That really is the key, try stuff out until you find things that you LIKE to do, food wise, exercise wise and anywhere in your life that you want to make a change. And don't try to do everything all at once and make HUGE changes cold turkey. Do things one small step at a time, and eventually you will look back and be shocked at how far you have come, and it didn't even seem like it was hard to get there because you did it a little at a time.

Two years ago I was 215 Lbs, very unhappy, very unhealthy, eating almost 100% wheat, carbs and sugar, almost all my food was white. I came home every day and sat in front of the TV until bed time. 

Today I have a new life, with new friends and a schedule of fun things to do almost every evening (and very little TV). Tons of travel in my past and in my future and a healthier happier body. Fast 5 has changed my life and I am never going back!

Here are some pics from the various events I have been busy with this month.

My cousin's wedding in Victoria

My Grandma and I at the wedding,
she is 89 and got up on the dance floor for two songs!

My hubby and I on the dance floor at the reception

Hubby, me and our dog Bexley on the RV

The HUGE RV that our friends took us on this trip in

Doing some sightseeing

In one of the wineries in Osoyoos

One of our yummy lunches on our trip

The birthday girls

Girls night out

On the dance floor

Strike a pose girls!

The morning after, outside the hotel.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Great Lunch!

Today was the first day of my reduced carb eating schedule. I was really excited about lunch today and I really enjoyed my meal. I am not doing NO carbs and I am not doing NO sugar. I am just trying to reduce the amount of carbs and processed foods that I eat within the week. I don't want to deprive myself and start a "diet" I just want to find a way to make small changes that could have a big effect. 

I had my salad (Spinach, brocoli coleslaw, cucumber, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, feta cheese, egg, chicken, avacado, dressing) Some strawberries, blueberries, cashews & cheese.

Of course I need to have my chocolate so I had some fruit and nut chocolate for dessert.

I feel fantastic, and satisfied. I enjoyed every bite, my food was so colorful and beautiful to look at, I got tons of compliments on my lunch and several people said they wished they had my lunch instead of theirs. Looking forward to having this again tomorrow! I will try to remember to take some pictures of my food to show how great it all looks.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Time for a Change

Well, I have been on this plateau for so long now that I realize I am just maintaining. It is time for me to make a change in order to lose another 30 pounds and reach my goal to lose a total of 80 pounds.

Thanks to all the comments and advice from my much appreciated readers, I have decided to make my change in the form of the kinds of foods I eat. I won't be doing anything too drastic, but it will hopefully be enough of a change that I will see the scale start moving again.

I will continue with my long fasts on Sundays and once a month doing an extra long fast of 60-72hours. But I will change up my eating a bit in the following way.



SALAD: Spinach, brocoli coleslaw, cucumber, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, feta cheese, egg, chicken, avacado, dressing.




SNACK: Carrots, Cucumber and hummus

THURS: Add in a small amount of carbs

VEGGIE STIRFRY: Broccoli, Cauliflower, Snap Peas, Zucchini, Carrots, Chicken, Beef, Noodles

FRI - SAT: Enjoy Dinners out with no restrictions but try to keep in mind my goal and not overdo anything.

I will try to post some pics of my food tomorrow. I am looking forward to this! I think it should help. Wish me luck!

Monday, May 9, 2011


I am so happy to be able to inspire people to try intermittent fasting. Thanks so much to all of those who have left comments on my blog with thanks and appreciation for this blog. Please keep the comments coming, it is so great to hear from others and know that I have been able to help in some small way.

I have even inspired some of my friends and their family members to try intermittent fasting. Some have tried and decided not to continue, it isn't for everyone, we all have to do what works for us. But some have tried and done really well. Congratulations to those of you who, like me, have tried intermittent fasting and found their diet soul mate!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Still working it out

The plateau is still holding. Good that I haven't gained any weight but I really am sick of seeing the same number on the scale all the time. I remain calm though because I am confident in intermittent fasting.

I do have to curb my eating more. I know that is why I am on this plateau. I had some bumps along the way, vacation in Vegas didn't help. I will keep my schedule though and keep up the one extra long fast a month like I have been doing and work my way up to the 72 hours. I will also try to watch how much I eat during my window. I have to do better at this. I find it difficult. I don't know what it is about myself that makes me feel the need to overeat. I guess that is what got me here in the first place.

So, commitment. EAT LESS!!! Smaller portions, slower eating, more water. I can do this.
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