Saturday, October 30, 2010

Feeling Good

I have been feeling pretty good lately. Even though I am still sitting here on my plateau, I am feeling comfortable and happy with how I look so far. I recently went out to a club with some friends for a birthday party. I used to go to this place when I was in my 20s. I thought for sure I would feel really uncomfortable in my skin with all the young girls around. But I held my own and felt good, even though I think we were the oldest people in there!

It was fun! Here is a pic I took of me and my husband there.

Tonight we are going out to a Halloween Party. My hubby and I are dressing as 70's Bikers. We have big bushy wigs, leather outfits and fake tattoo arm sleeves to wear. It should be really fun. We are taking our exchange student from Japan with us. He has never experienced Halloween before so I am sure he will have a laugh.

I have been doing really well with intermittent fasting and just being patient and trying hard not to eat too much in my eating window. Tonight will probably include some halloween candy but I will try to keep it to a minimum. Yesterday at work was a challenge. Our office had a pumpkin carving contest in the morning and then in the afternoon they set out a HUGE candy and chocolate buffet! It was a bit crazy. There was cookies, sour candies, gummies, chocolate bars, liquorice, and candy apples for the winner of the pumpkin carving contest. (thank goodness it wasn't us!) It was a sugar smorgasbord.

A bunch of the staff had their children come in the afternoon to trick or treat, wearing the cutest costumes, so they got to enjoy the candy too. There was a baby dressed as a strawberry, a two year old in a cupcake costume, a two month old in a skeleton costume and twin newborns who cried in stereo. It was a fun day, but hard to resist all the goodies.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Still can't break into the 160s!

I am still hovering around 172...I had a brief moment where I was 169 after a long fast, but that went away very quickly and I have been the same for over a week now.

Over eating is still the enemy. I know that the reason intermittent fasting works for me is because I find it easier to eat nothing than to just have a little and stop. Even when my window has closed I find it hard to stop and have to really fight the urge to eat.

Thankfully I am not overeating three times a day anymore so that is why I have lost all this weight but what is making my progress slow now is my overeating in my eating window.

Maybe I should make my window smaller. 5 hours is a long time to eat one meal, which is pretty much what I do anyway. I could cut it back to three, then I will just be able to eat my meal and hopefully avoid all the little munching that happens after my main meal.

I know that Brad Pilon says if you are overeating in your eating window, then make your window later in the day so that you don't have time to consume too much. I really prefer eating lunch so a smaller window may help. Once I have finally stopped eating, and have finished wrestling with myself that my eating window is closed, I usually have no problem eating nothing. Before my eating window opens, absolutely no problem. I RARELY break my fast before the scheduled time. I can do 2 40 hour fasts in a week with no effort...So my only issue is once I start, I find it hard to stop.

Is there some kind of brain surgery that I can get to make me realize that when my stomach is full it is time to STOP EATING!

Friday, October 8, 2010

My body craves what it needs

I have noticed since I began fasting back in January, that I crave way more fruits and veggies than ever before. I really believe that once my body was not stuffed full of everything under the sun ( and very few fruits and veggies by the way) it had the time to actually asses what it needed and ask for it.

I regularly WANT a big salad and I always WANT fruit. I eat 100% more of these things now than before and not because I have said to myself that I should or that they are good for me etc. It is because my body asks for them.

I don't ever remember eating a salad before and thinking, man this salad is SO GOOD. It was always something I ate grudgingly...

I find it so amazing how the body works and I know that intermittent fasting is not only helping me lose weight, it is also helping me get healthy!
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