Friday, November 9, 2012

Getting Back on Track with Fasting

I have had a comment to ask how to get back on track after taking a break from fasting.

Sometimes it is easy to get off plan, when little by little the food cravings take over. This happens to me from time to time.

I notice my cravings are worse when I eat more sugar. During Halloween they were at an all time high and eating all that sugar made me crave food something fierce. I wasn't just craving sweets but craving food in general. The yeast in our bodies feed off of sugar and the more you eat, the more they want and so they scream out for sugar in any form, carbs and sugars mainly.

If you are having trouble getting back on track with fasting because of cravings, try to avoid sugar for a few days before you go back on plan. This should help to keep those cravings down. Also, drink lots of water to flush out the system.

Once you start your fasting plan again, the best thing to help you along is to keep busy during that fasting time. Schedule in a project that will keep you occupied for most of the time. Avoid TV as much as possible...I always find that watching TV increases my food cravings because there is almost always food or eating on shows and movies, not to mention all the food commercials ( and even if you PVR and fast forward through the commercials, it isn't hard to miss all those close ups of burgers and pizza!).

Continue to drink lots of water or clear tea with no sugar during fasting as that also helps keep the cravings at bay.

Let me know what helps you get back on track?

Good Luck!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Listen to your Body while Fasting

This week's two day fast was not a good one. I didn't feel well yesterday during my first day of fasting. I had a headache and I was really all I could do was think about eating an entire pizza...

So, today I decided to just eat lunch as normal.

I always recommend that you listen to your body while fasting. Maybe you are tired or fighting off a cold. Maybe your body is just not in the fasting state of is ok. Just listen to your body and eat if you feel you need to.

I usually feel really good during fasting but occasionally there is a day here and there that I just don't feel at my best and eating is what I need to feel better.
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