Monday, June 9, 2014

Fasting and Exercise

I have still been struggling with keeping food out of my fasting hours. But, I have been adding more exercise into my routine. I added an app to my phone, RunKeeper, to track my exercise and I joined a local gym.

I have been bike riding a lot and on Saturday, my husband and I did a 40K+ bike ride! It was mostly flat, with just a few moderate hills, but man was I beat at the end! Beautiful weather and scenery along the way so totally worth it! Plus, I love bike riding, so it doesn't really feel like exercise at all.

I have been fasting all day today and will break my fast tomorrow at lunch, trying to kick start my fasting schedule again. I have to get back on track with keeping food out of my fasting hours. The weekend is especially hard for me!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Back slide

Well, it has been while...and I must confess that I have back slid...a lot...I got comfortable and slowly allowed food to creep back into my fasting hours, vacations became vacations from fasting and weekends held no fasting at all.

Why is it so hard to lose, yet so easy to regain? In a flash, my weight is back and I am stunned that it happened so fast.

So now, here I am again starting over and turning to fasting to help save me...Oh how could I have been so careless to allow this to happen again? Fasting is my only comfort...I hope it will bring me back to myself.
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