Friday, March 28, 2014

Back slide

Well, it has been while...and I must confess that I have back slid...a lot...I got comfortable and slowly allowed food to creep back into my fasting hours, vacations became vacations from fasting and weekends held no fasting at all.

Why is it so hard to lose, yet so easy to regain? In a flash, my weight is back and I am stunned that it happened so fast.

So now, here I am again starting over and turning to fasting to help save me...Oh how could I have been so careless to allow this to happen again? Fasting is my only comfort...I hope it will bring me back to myself.


  1. If you lost weight before, you can do it again, I'm sure! Good luck!

  2. Hi I just found your blog. I found Fast 5 about 20 months ago. It jump started my low carb diet. I have been maintaining my weight on low carb but hit set points and stall for months. I go back on the Fast 5 and my weight loss starts again.
    It is amazing to me that I keep stalling. I keep thinking about Burt saying that Fast 5 will take a Blow Torch approach to weight loss. I love that!!!
    I am down 30 lbs over all and plan to loose another 30. My goal is to make IF a lifestyle change .
    I seldom eat breakfast now so I am getting there.
    Best to you Jenna.

  3. You are only human, start again and win again!
    Good luck

  4. So glad that you're blogging again, and that you're back on plan. Good luck!!!

  5. I hope you're able to find the answers you're looking for. It might be, though, that the fat gain and the thyroid problems are a result of the IF lifestyle. Might be worth looking at.

  6. Hello Jenna, congrats on your success so far. You are successful because you aren't back where you started, even though you may have gained some. Have you considered stopping (or at least suspending) the weight loss and keeping Fast-5 in a way that fits your life?

    I've been obese for most of my adult life. With all my weightloss attempts, I was always shooting for a particular weight. And in time I always failed. Now, my goal is to lose 10lbs at a time while making gradual changes. I've decided that once I'm eating as healthy as I can, exercising as sanely as I can, if the scale no longer budges, then THAT will be my maintenance weight. Live is too rich and full to be defined by what weight we are. I'm just encouraging you - you have SUCCEEDED! Enjoy your life mama!

  7. Don't fret Jenna, you can do it. :)

    Personally, I think that all of us who have struggled with weight loss in our lives, have done so largely due to emotional issues.

    We eat to reward ourselves, we eat to calm us, to energize us, to fill the voids of boredom, loneliness or to simply please the taste buds.

    It becomes less and less about hunger. While IF pushes hunger off really well, our emotional troubles can still end up screwing us over.

    I've been on Intermittent Fasting for years and I've struggled here and there. Recently I've also started my own blog to keep a journal, to promote IF and hopefully, to find others who share my views and can offer support. :)

    Check my blog out if you like:

  8. I know the feeling! I used to practice intermittent fasting but let everything slide. Youll be on track in no time! :)

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