Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fat, Fat, Fat!!

Damn Fat! It goes away so slowly but comes back so quickly. I looked down today and saw that my big belly has slowly reappeared. SIGH...

Still on thyroid medication with no results. Feeling sorry for myself and really pissed off.

But, I know I have to just stay calm and try to keep focused. I am continuing with my gym routine and worked out so hard with my trainer at the gym on Tuesday that I almost started to cry... twice.

I need to get better at staying within my eating window! As it is now, a couple of times a week I let it slip. I need to do better at fasting when I am on vacation! This is especially hard during the summer, when everyday feels like it should be a vacation day. And I need to get better at controlling my portions...but this has always been an issue for me.

I CAN nip this slip in the bud before it gets out of hand...I must get back on the right path!


  1. I need to read on..guess what? I got the thyroid happening also and ended up with thirty pounds's been a rough go these last few months. As I told the Dr. the other day.."I feel like a bloated blow fish"..when I see my size 4 clothes in the closet as I am now wearing a size 14..sigh...

  2. This weight loss stuff is so hard, and often a long process. You can do it! I'm recommitting to my blog and my health. Let's do it together! -Jacey

  3. Jenna, I find it interesting that both you and Angela, 2 long-time Fast-5ers have developed thyroid issues. Do you think there's any correlation between intermittent fasting and thyroid complications?

  4. I've been wondering the same thing. I'd lost weight with Fast 5 two years ago, but now the weight is piling back on. It's amazing to see all the Fast 5 new comers (on FB) dropping poundage like there is no tomorrow, but what will happen to them two years from now?

  5. Hi Jenna! I was searching for ways to loose some weight and I found your blog and the method Fast-5 diet. Is it really work in the long run? I must give it a try. Probably doesn't hurt....

  6. Hi Jenna,
    I understand your frustration. I've had thyroid issues for years which got a lot worse when I was misdiagnosed 3 years ago and put on steroids that caused me to gain 6 stone between 2010 and 2013. Thankfully I'm now on the right thyroid medication and am giving IF another shot to try and shift some weight. I lost nearly a stone already doing complete fasts intermittent with only very little green veg days as a kick start. I tried IF before when I was on the wrong medicine and it didn't help, thyroid imbalance can stop you completely. On the wrong medication nothing worked, I just kept gaining despite IF, mad exercising and near starvation so I suppose I just needed my thyroid in check before I could begin to even out and eventually start to lose.

    Now we are on thyroid medication I hope we'll have some fat loss success with IF :) I'm also gluten free with the past year and minimising dairy in efforts to cut sugars. I could only tolerate gluten in small doses anyway before this happened so going fully gluten free hasnt been too hard. Keep up the good work, your before and after pictures are a credit to you.

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  8. Hi Jenna,

    Interesting posts!

    I hope you can get your thyroid problem under control & keep your eating regulated as well.

    I started Alternate Day Fasting about 6 months ago, and (as a male), I'm finding it works really well. I'm not very interested in the weight loss, but more about the health benefits.

    I liked it so much, I decided to start a website ( ), and have managed to gradually lose 12 Kg.

    I'm amazed, considering I just don't bother keeping track of which foods I eat!

    Luigi Martin

  9. Hi Jenna~
    We'd love an update! Hope you're doing well. Let us know when you have the time.

  10. Hi Jenna, I'v read all your posts from Feb 2010 till now.
    I'm doing a modified IF since 2 wk and lost 8 lbs so far, would love an update as the last post was a long time ago. Hugs

  11. Hi Jenna, I too have found your writing motivational. I started IF every other day method only a week ago and am reading as much as I can about it, so far I love it. I too take thryroid medications I believe due to heavy dieting when I competed in figure competitions. I was trying not to diet related to my diet mentality but I quickly gained weight so I went back to what I know 6 meals a day, calorie restriction, lifting weights with no weight loss. I found IF incredibly freeing and easy, and I started losing some of this weight I put on. I also would love an update, whether things are going good, bad, or just living in acceptance... as you may know from reading blogs you start to identify with people and suddenly you feel like you know them. I've since took down my blogs as they were related to figure competitions and having a six pack... which I don't think is healthy for most females, but I miss all of the friendships along the way. Just wanted you to know I love your inspirational journey!

  12. Sorry to hear about your frustrations. Continue the path - there's always bumps in the road! Keep up the good work, Jenna.

  13. Why not you trying Intermittent Fasting method to reduce the body Fat. I started Intermittent Fasting 8 weeks ago, after doing weeks of research on the topic from Intermittent fasting . I became interested in IF when I discovered really positive comments on my body and weight. So, thinking to continue it in future too.

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