Monday, May 16, 2011

Great Lunch!

Today was the first day of my reduced carb eating schedule. I was really excited about lunch today and I really enjoyed my meal. I am not doing NO carbs and I am not doing NO sugar. I am just trying to reduce the amount of carbs and processed foods that I eat within the week. I don't want to deprive myself and start a "diet" I just want to find a way to make small changes that could have a big effect. 

I had my salad (Spinach, brocoli coleslaw, cucumber, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, feta cheese, egg, chicken, avacado, dressing) Some strawberries, blueberries, cashews & cheese.

Of course I need to have my chocolate so I had some fruit and nut chocolate for dessert.

I feel fantastic, and satisfied. I enjoyed every bite, my food was so colorful and beautiful to look at, I got tons of compliments on my lunch and several people said they wished they had my lunch instead of theirs. Looking forward to having this again tomorrow! I will try to remember to take some pictures of my food to show how great it all looks.


  1. I read your blog often and thought I would comment that for the past month I have been eating much as you describe in this blog. I eat lower carb not low carb. I am picky about the carbs. They must be a high source of fiber and/or nutrients to be in the diet, except for chocolate. (although I found a high fiber bar with chocolate that tastes really good)

    For carbs I eat fruit or things like tomatoes, cucumbers or other salad items that have carbs in them. I sometimes have a very high fiber bread item. But no more rice or pasta except on occassion.

    Lower carb is also reducing my appetite in the morning makeing my Fast 5 diet easier to follow.

  2. You go girl!! I've found that I do much better when I monitor my carb intake while fasting. I am going to be loosely monitoring my calorie intake as well. I am way up on the scale...ugh! Read my post and don't ever question this lifestyle or you might experience what I'm going through. Love ya!!

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