Friday, February 10, 2012

Avoiding Sugar

So far so good. I have been avoiding sugar all week. There were about 4 dozen donuts in the office on Tuesday and I didn't have one! YEAH!

Planning to keep that up, no treats in the office anymore! My only indulgence will be three squares of chocolate per day and I plan to only bring three squares with me so that I don't eat more. That should take care of my sweet tooth while still being a moderate amount.

I have completely illuminated grains and carbs during the week, but will have some in moderation on Friday and Saturday. Will also have one dessert on Friday and Saturday as well.

These small changes should make a big impact.

I used to have a treat at work whenever offered, which added up to at least one per day. Plus, I would eat chocolate every day too, at least one chocolate bar per day. Then on the weekends I would sometimes have more than one dessert after dinner. Because I am fasting 19 hours per day, I was able to do this and remain the same weight, which is great. But, I want to lose another 30 pounds so I really need to step up my game.

But, those of us who hate dieting know that a diet will not work. So, small changes are going to be my key. I am not eliminating carbs and sugar but I am greatly reducing them and when I add up what I will be getting rid of, I don't see how that can not translate onto the scale.

Fingers crossed! We will see how it goes, but so far, I am finding this to be no struggle at all because I still get my little sweet and my weekend splurges to look forward to!

Goal weight I have you in my sights!


  1. Seems that you're doing good ! You avoid most of the sugar but still be gentle to yourself and have some treats, i thin it's gonna work !
    It's more and more difficult for me to eat 2 meals, i find myself too stuffed .. i might switch to just one meal in a near future and see how it goes

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