Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Reduced Sugar Cravings

Since I have been eating less sugar for about a week now, I notice a huge difference already in the amount of sugar I want.

Even at the end of last week after only 4 days of eating just three squares of chocolate per day and no bread or other carbs I have little to no sugar cravings at all.

At the beginning of last week I decided that I would have desserts and/or sweets and carbs only on weekends and in small amounts, so the beginning of the week I was thinking about what dessert I was going to have on the weekend and starting to look forward to that.

Well, Friday came around and I got all the ingredients and groceries I needed to make my mexican meal of burritos with home made guacamole. I made my meal and enjoyed dinner with my husband and family and after dinner we started playing cards and having some wine. Only then did I realize that I had forgotten all about dessert!

This may sound like no biggie, but for me it is huge. Even my husband said that he was wondering if I was going to mention dessert, that it was very strange for me to not plan out what sweet to have.

It didn't even cross my mind...And I think I would have forgotten about it all together if not for the fact that we had company over and I was reminded of it because I usually offer something after dinner to guests.

So, I think this is working quite well so far. I haven't had any problems reducing my sugar intake because I still get my 3 squares of chocolate and I have only had to make a few modifications to my regular diet rather than a huge change. If I had done this at the beginning of this journey it wouldn't have worked at all. It would have been too drastic a change. But now, little by little, I have made adjustments that have become my way of living. Sugar is just the next logical step.

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