Friday, March 29, 2013

No Wheat Again

I have been a busy bee lately. Working as usual, going to the gym four days a week, pottery class and still trying to keep a social life. We also just went on a vacation to Texas for a week.

I didn't take very good care of myself in Texas...ate a lot of restaurant food and very little fruit and veggies. I noticed a big difference in how I felt when I came home and went on a veggie binge this week to try to correct the problem. I also decided that I am going to stop eating wheat again.

I tried it once before and found it difficult to do but did notice a difference in how I felt. So I am back to eating no wheat. This week was pretty easy because I really don't eat that much wheat during the week anyway. I just have salad, a couple of hard boiled eggs and some nuts for my one meal usually. But, sometimes I have a pastry or treat when they are available around the office (which is a lot.)

So, I just had to stop eating those treats and stick to my regular meal and I was fine. I made a few other changes to my sugar intake. I switched out my cadbury chocolate that I usually indulge in with 70% Coco chocolate with mint instead, which is more than half of the sugar. I actually really like it.

Last night my treat was corn chips and salsa with an apple and some cheese.

I feel a lot better already. Way less bloated. The challenge for me will be the weekends, especially this weekend since it is a long weekend.

But I do feel that I am starting to look at food differently. I feel more cravings for the healthy real foods and when I see the cookies or pastries I just think of how bloated and uncomfortable I feel when I eat them.

I am committed to be more healthy. Not just lose weight, which is still my goal and intermittent fasting is still my tool, but also change what I eat, when I am eating and try to reduce my sugar and chemical intake.

I will keep you posted on how I do this long weekend.

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