Monday, November 14, 2011

The Intermittent Fasting Closet

I am out of the closet...the intermittent fasting closet.

It is interesting, I was so insecure and worried in the beginning about what people would say. For good reason... people don't understand it because it is a very different way to live than what they are used to. But that doesn't make it wrong or unhealthy or bad...

The best advice I can give about coming out of the intermittent fasting closet is to take your time and learn the program. Give yourself time to get results and compare how you feel now that you have taken fasting into your life. Do research and read about the benefits as well as feel them for yourself.

Once you feel confident that this is the lifestyle for you, just mention it where appropriate. If someone asks you if you would like a cookie and you are fasting, tell them, no thank you, I am fasting right now. See what happens. Most times they don't even ask, but if they do, tell them the condensed version of what intermittent fasting is. I say:

"I eat within a 5 hour window of time each day and the rest of the time I fast."

Questions will come after that of which most are really easy to answer. I have written a post that outlines most of the regular questions that I get here, and if you get someone who hounds you and tells you how bad it is for you, just tell them that it works for you and everyone has to do what works for them, we are all different.

And then brush off the negativity. Do what you know is working for you and what you know makes you feel good.

I find that now, after being "out" for so long, everyone in my life knows my lifestyle and 99.9% of them are supportive. That doesn't mean that they are suddenly going to get on the fasting ban wagon but they are polite and considerate. I have co-workers coming around with treats sometimes and they ask, "Are you fasting right now? I have a treat if you want one..."

People have to accept who you are and what you do if they see that it makes you happy.

The key is, don't try to push this lifestyle on them, don't get defensive when questions happen, and brush off the negative comments with a confidence in your decision.

It is sort of like religion. We don't all believe in the same God or have the same ideas about faith but that doesn't mean you hide your beliefs from those around you who don't believe the same thing. You show confidence in your beliefs, be open to those who have questions and know inside yourself that what you believe in is true.


  1. You can also tell them that's how Herschel Walker eats and if they don't like it he will go "honey badger" on them!


  2. Love it! Great article! He does what works for him and WOW does it work! There is no mold we must fit into...go your own way and "Get it done."

  3. Hi Jenna,

    Thank you for all your blog posts! I have read every single one of them when I just started on my IF journey and it really helped me to stay focussed. You have done so wel and you have written so many 'sane' things about IF :-) Especially this blog you wrote was one I really needed to read.

    Well, I am not out of the closet yet I guess. I still fear peoples comments too much to really dive into it. I try and do fine half of the time but the other half I don't fast because I don't know what to say to peope who tell me I am sick in my head for not eating or how unhealthy it must be.

    I am writing a blog about my IF journey (how original, I know ;-)and this one is about fear. I would like to mention your blog about comming out of the closet. it that okay with you?

    Thank you!

  4. Hello Lisa,

    Thank you for your comment. Of course you can mention my blog, I would be honoured! Post another comment on here with the address to your blog and I will check it out.


  5. Hi Jenna,

    Thank you! My blog is called:
    Will post it in the IF group on Facebook as well.


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