Saturday, November 5, 2011

Preparing for Vacation

I have booked an amazing vacation in the Bahamas for just before Christmas! I am so excited to actually relax on a vacation! Hubby and I usually TRAVEL not VACATION...we explore, take photos, walk 12+ hours a day trying to see and do everything we can...

We have never done a vacation where we just relax on a beach and unwind before. It will be an adjustment. We are going to a Sandals all inclusive resort. Of course this means unlimited food and alcohol any time I I have to get prepared for that. I hope that I can just keep my 5 hour window but I know that on vacation, that is more difficult for me. I went on a cruise a while back and did ok but didn't stick to my window perfectly. I had a couple of days were I ate two meals and a couple of days where I extended my fast. So, I won't beat myself up if I am not perfect but I do want to go in with a plan.

My plan is to stick to dinners only but allow a couple of days where I can have two meals. I will also extend my window by a couple of hours once or twice to enjoy some late evenings.

Before my vacation I am going to be extra strict and stick to my window but also try to avoid eating extra treats and snacks during my window. I am going to do a 64 hour fast before and after the vacation as well to help get me back on track once my fun is over...

I have been doing really well with my fasting and have been able to continue with my all day fast once per week and my 64 hour fast once per month. But still no movement on the just stays exactly the same every time. But I am not discouraged because I am happy with how I look now too. Staying the same most definitely beats gaining any day!

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