Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Over-eaters do well with intermittent fasting

Angela inspired me to write this post.

Intermittent fasting is a great way to control over-eating. I am an over-eater. When I eat, I like to eat until I am stuffed to the brim, almost sick. Before fasting that translated to being stuffed to the rim almost all day long. Eat breakfast, then a snack, then a treat, then a big lunch...oh so full, then some dessert, then a snack, then a big dinner...oh so full, then dessert, then a snack, or two, then bed and again the next day...

Now I eliminate two thirds of all of that!!! Now I eat one big satisfying meal, a dessert and a snack. I fast the rest of the time and think about all the food I am going to have the next day to help me complete my fasts. I use my weakness as a strength to help me over-eat just once a day which brings me into normal territory.

Us over-eaters have a problem that is really hard to fix. We need to accept what we are. Know the issue and work with what we have to fix it. This is true for all problems, we all have to just work with what we have. My love of food and of large portions is how I can fast. Thinking about my next big meal keeps me focused and able to obstain.

My over-eating is what helps me to not eat at all...


  1. Yup, I'm an over-eater, too, and intermittent fasting has helped me control my binging. I totally agree with and relate to all your points in this post!

  2. I agree too. I"m a compulsive/comfort eater.. and at least the fasting allows me to only eat for 5 hours of the day, instead of the normal 12 hrs I use to do.

  3. I just spend the last 3 days reading your whole blog! lol Not alot of the links because being trying to get rid of this weight for the last 30 years, I've read it all! I am attempting Fast-5 again and have been doing this since just this last Wednesday. I figured if I could get through my workout this morning (circuit training and Zumba) and not faint, I'd be good to go! I did, so now I just have to concentrate on making this a lifestyle. Thanks for all the sharing you've done the last 2 years!

  4. I wonder if you have any advice - I started Fast 5 in August and got on very well, lost about 20lbs (another 40 to go) but recently I have just been eating the whole of my 5 hours. I have a history of binge eating so know that 5 hours is better than the whole day but my wieght has gone back up a bit. Then I think about cutting carbs, or doing a longer fast etc and it sets me right back onto diet thinking which makes me binge - again just within my 5 hours. just wondered if you had any tricks to get back on the straight and narrow and losing again?

  5. Some good advice that I read on Brad Pilon's blog was to shorten your eating window and set it for the evening instead of the middle of the day.

    You are more likely to extend your window or snack more in your waking hours during your window. So a shorter window in the evening just helps you to control it a bit more.

    I know people always say don't eat before bed, but this really doesn't apply when intermittent fasting. If you have your main meal close to bed time then there aren't many more hours left for you to eat. If you usually go to bed at 10pm, try breaking your fast at 7 or 8pm. Have a big meal, have a dessert. There won't be time for any more and you probably will still be too full before it is time for bed anyway.

    One thing you have to watch out for though is stronger hunger pains in the morning. I notice that when I eat close to bed time, in the morning I am much more hungry than I normally am if I go to bed on an empty stomach. Have a plan in place to get you through that. Tea or coffee is great for that, or even hot water (no cream or sugar though). Something warm in the stomach helps.

    I have the same problem, I overeat during my eating window more often than not. What I do to counteract that is long fasts. You may want to consider that option too. I know you said that long fasts make you feel like you are dieting again but you are obviously successful at fasting. You are like me, it is easier to eat nothing at all than it is to just have a little.

    The later eating window doesn't work well for me because I find it more difficult to wait all through my waking hours. I like that most of my fasting time is when I am sleeping. So there are pros and cons to the late window technique.

    I do one 36 hour fast once per week and one 48 hour fast once per month. That seems to help me maintain my weight even though there are days when I eat too much during my eating window. Maybe start with one all day fast, 36 hours. What I do is choose a day of the week where I am especially busy or occupied. Most of the time that is on Sundays, when I have pottery class from 10am to 5:30pm. The day goes by in a flash and I don't even think about food.

    During the weeks when pottery class is not on, I set aside a day to do a project or a chore. I will paint, or do home improvements, crafts, a computer project, or I choose a day that I know I will be very busy at work. Something that will keep me occupied all day. It has a double benefit because you end up getting a lot more done in your life than you would if you hadn't have set that time aside.

    I fast all day long on that busy day and go to sleep still fasting. Then I wake up and continue with my regular schedule of eating between 12 and 5pm. This usually allows for a 36 hour fasting period.

    I hope these options are of some help. Let me know your progress!

  6. thanks for your reply. I think I will try to cut down on my window time to reduce it and see how I get on. I was starting to think I needed to look at some other system/diet but deep down know that that won't work as I can't stick to diets anymore so will start yo-yoing up and down again. Your blog and reply have given me new strength to just be patient and it will come off slowly and that this is the only way of eating I have found that I have been able to do for such a long time so that is worth quite a lot in itself.


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