Thursday, July 5, 2012

Over Eating

I have been over eating a lot during my eating window...STILL have a hard time with that one. It is like when the flood gates open, it is hard to close them up again.

So, in response to that I decided to do another long fast to get myself back on track. This morning is my third day fasting. I plan to break my fast this afternoon at lunch which will make a total of 60 hours fasting.

I always find these fasts help to clear my mind and show me how much better I feel when I am not stuffed to the brim with food. I feel cleaned out and calm, light and confident.

I am really frustrated though with my re-accuring issue of over eating that never seems to be cured. I think it is like a mental illness that I really need to work on. If it wasn't for intermittent fasting, I am sure that I would easily be over 300 pounds by now. When I started this journey, I weighed 215. I ate so much food that I really don't know how I even functioned. My body must have been severely overworked with digesting...and I am sure that it wasn't able to digest half of what I stuffed into it.

I still struggle, but at least the amount of food I eat has been drastically reduced and it is a manageable amount for my body. However, I still need to fix my issues and figure out a way to make that scale start moving again! I have been exactly the same weight now for well over a year! Which in itself is good...staying the same is a real victory. Keeping the weight I have lost off, that really is amazing, I have never done that before. But now I want to heal. I want to go the rest of the way down this path.


  1. Dear Jenna,

    In my opinion you are trying to fight a metabolic problem with will power!! Can you see how you are going to lose - each and every time? Your body is running on glucose and insulin. You are caught in the Insulin Trap. As long as that is the case, you will always suffer with cravings and overeating. As you might have suspected already - I live Low Carb. I don't have cravings and I don't over eat. My insulin levels are stable and my body is healthy and in balance. It took me some time to get to this point, but now I can truly say that I LOVE my lifestyle! I don't miss any of the junk I used to eat. I wish you the best of luck on your journey ahead! Charmain.

    1. I completely agree! What is an example of your diet? I do eat quite low carb during the week but on the weekends is where I go bonkers...

    2. I stick to 40g NETcarbs per day max! The moment I cross that line...I'm back to over eating and eating all the wrong things. Firstly you have to bring down your NETcarbs to 20g. You have to 'wean' your body from the sugar addiction. My husband is lucky, he can tolerate 100 -120g of Carb. It's an individual thing! My Carbs comes from veggies first, then beans, legumes, berries, dairy, starchy veggies and other lastly other fruit. If you register at you will be able to log your food and know exactly how much carbs you consume. Good luck!! Charmain.

  2. I also have a problem with over eating - but low carb didn't stop me from doing so. I did try LC for a year, and I felt fine, but I still over-ate. I have no portion control.
    What works for me is to start eating while at work. Something small and light. By the time I get home 2 hours later, I am not very hungry anymore and sometimes don't eat at all. And being at work means I can only eat what I brought. I break my fast 1 hour before my shift finishes

  3. Dear Jenna,

    I love your blog and intermittent fasting! I understand how you feel when you say that you sometimes eat too much in your window, I sometimes do that, too. I'm wondering if this could be due to some sort of undetected nutrient deficiency? I just finished reading the Perfect Health Diet (I know, not another diet book) but I must tell you that since I've started using their plan the IF has been so much easier for me and I overeat less because I'm satisfied with their "safe starches" of sweet potato and rice noodles. (I freaked when I thought about eating rice noodles, but I've been losing steadily again.) anyway, I was wondering if you knew about it, and if not, maybe their book would interest you! They have a blog online, it's quite good.

    Hope you're enjoying your summer! XO

  4. Thanks for the tip! I will definitely check that out. It certainly could be something to think about. I have been in a period of struggle for some time now but I think I am mentally ready to take the next step in this process.


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