Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Fasting Schedule

Well, it is week two of my new fasting schedule of two full day fasts once per week and 4 days a week of eating very healthy/low carb/low sugar.

So far I have lost 6.5 pounds!

Pretty impressive. I have also been walking an hour every day and doing pilates twice per week.

I'm feeling really good. I think this is something that I could easily maintain. Especially when I start up with my all day Sunday pottery classes again in a couple of weeks.

I am really enjoying eating clean most of the time too. The past couple of years I have been eating much better but now that I only indulge once a week is a big difference. I look forward to my healthy food much more than my indulgent food now. I think I will switch my indulge day up a bit too.

We had been eating in a restaurant once a week as the indulgent day, which is great, but I find myself wanting home cooked meals more on that day. So, I think we will rotate between home cooked goodness and restaurant treat. Saves on money too and always nice to make a meal at home.


  1. I’ve been trying intermittent fasting for two weeks now, and find myself stuck in a psychological rut at the minute unfortunately. When I put my head to fasting I can REALLY do it, and dont find it that hard,and find myself feeling little pangs of joy/self pride in the middle of the fasts at my progress, and generally more appreciation for what it actually means to be hungry. Hpwever the last two weekends ive let myself have a treat at the end of a fast because of unavoidable occassions and the junk calorific food that generally accompanies such occasions. And… it just went out of control! 1 “treat” turned into 36 hours of bingeing (im talking alcohol, pizza, chocolate cake and chips to name but a few) It’s like the minute i let myself taste a little bit of indulgence i CANT stop. this switch turns on in my head and i dont stop unitl i feel physically sick to the very core from stuffing my face. the first time i followed it with a 36 hour fast and felt a bit better about it. this time, i dont want to do such a long fast b/c i want to do work over the wkend and need energy for it…. but i just want advice on how to get out of this cycle of successful fasting/ healthy eating and savage eating because i have at least a stone and a half to lose before my GW is reached. Please offer any advice its really getting me down.

    1. I totally feel your pain. I go through the same thing all the time. I don't have the secret to how to avoid the binging but I find that I go through periods where I can control it more than other times.

      I think during those times I have "had a talk with myself" before hand. I post on the blog, tell people of my goal, really make it "real" and have help keeping myself accountable.

      I also find I can better control after I have "hit rock bottom" had a time where I saw the scale move up, start seeing changes that are negative in my appearance or how I feel and I just say to myself, enough is enough!

      Start a blog or get a friend or your spouse to help you stay on track by holding you accountable and encouraging results.

      It helps when I see results on the scale and in the mirror too, that always keeps me motivated and with intermittent fasting there are always results if you stay strict so focus on the goal.

      The power of the mind is an amazing thing. It can control you in bad ways too like you described with the over eating, I have experienced this too, it is almost an out of body experience. Like I am watching myself do this and I don't know how to stop.

      But that power can also be used to your advantage if you channel it right.

      Keep going forward, don't beat yourself up if you slip up, just go right back to your fasting routine and you will be ok.

      Keep me posted!

    2. The mention of alcohol drew my attention here, I have noticed before that even a couple of of drinks can be problematic and interfere with an I.F. schedule - an evening of drinking can be very disruptive to it, not for everyone of course but it is something to bear in mind.

  2. Your new fast schedule seems to be working. 100lbslater mentioned he thinks a 24 hour fast is necessary. I am doing ok on 16-8, for now. Some guy on youtube likes 47-1. But thanks for your blog.

  3. Jenna, this is great news! Have you noticed a big difference with your daily walks? I decided to walk for an hour each day, too, just to see what happens.

    I fast from dinner time to dinner time but I'm going to try a 40 hour fast this week.

    re: the binge commenter. Not sure if this will help but I think eating starchy carbs and sugar triggers binge eating so I tend to avoid them. I follow the Perfect Health Diet and eat the "safe starches" and I feel so much better. I notice that the 24 hour fasting has shrunk my stomach and I eat much less now. My mind is clear and sharp and I have a lot of energy. If I feel like I really want to eat something "bad" I'll eat protein and white rice or white rice noodles and it satisfies me. I think if you have huge cravings try to eat the healthiest form of that food.

    1. Very good point. I notice that too. The more bad carbs and sugar I eat, the more I want...

  4. Dear Jenna,
    A few weeks back you had mentioned that your husband was going to try the 5:2 day fasting arrangement. How does he like it?

    I'm still thinking about trying that fasting plan for a bit because the weeks when I'm not working at the office the Fast 5 routine isn't as successful for me..

    I hope you're both doing well!

    1. He is doing really well on it. He has been sticking to it and has lost around 7 pounds so far and a half an inch off his waist!

      He says that he finds it quite easy and is starting to look forward to the fasting days. He is on his last week of the five week trial so we will see at the end if he decides to continue.

  5. This is so great to hear, thank you for your updates. You are my inspiration on my fasting journey!


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