Monday, October 1, 2012

On the right road to bikini

My new goal is to feel comfortable in a bikini in December when I go to Jamaica for a week. I usually feel fine in a bathing suit but haven't worn a bikini in quite a few years.

This new plan is working really well and I think it will help me meet that goal. I am down around 8 pounds since starting this almost 5 weeks ago. That is a nice amount in a short time.

Today I am on the second day of my two day fast and plan to break my fast tomorrow at lunch with only veggies and protein.

My husband is also near the end of his five week experiment to try fasting in a modified way doing regular eating five days a week with two days in a row of only 500 calories for the day.

He has lost a good amount of weight as well and last time we measured, a half an inch off his waist. Tomorrow morning is the final weigh in and measurement to see the progress this has created.

I will let you know if he decides to continue this way of eating and what the final results were.

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  1. I love your plan of fasting for 2 days a week! From all the links you've posted, water-only fasting has extraordinary health benefits!

    So I was wondering, how do you control your appetite fasting 2 days on water weekly?! I have tried this and I am ravenously hungry! I can do 1 day of fasting at the most, and that 1 day I drink coffee to dull my appetite! LOL


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