Monday, November 5, 2012

Listen to your Body while Fasting

This week's two day fast was not a good one. I didn't feel well yesterday during my first day of fasting. I had a headache and I was really all I could do was think about eating an entire pizza...

So, today I decided to just eat lunch as normal.

I always recommend that you listen to your body while fasting. Maybe you are tired or fighting off a cold. Maybe your body is just not in the fasting state of is ok. Just listen to your body and eat if you feel you need to.

I usually feel really good during fasting but occasionally there is a day here and there that I just don't feel at my best and eating is what I need to feel better.


  1. Great thing to be open to change your plan if you don't feel ok.

  2. I can't be more happier at the fact that I stumbled upon your blog! I found it through Y! Answers and now I'm officially you avid blog reader! You're an inspiration!

  3. Hi Jenna, your blog is great. I recently started Fast 5 and so far it's going well. Your blog is going to be great for giving me encouragement.

  4. Hi Jenna. I came over to your blog for inspiration. I used the Fast5 plan to break a plateau a couple of years ago. It worked, but I didn't stick to it long because of a medication thing I had going on at the time. But now, I am so out of control, I have decided to start it again. I was hoping you were still blogging. I'm glad you are and that you are still successful on the plan. Blessings! Beth


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