Saturday, October 1, 2011

Being Busy Helps with Weight Loss

I have been really busy at work lately working on our big annual National Conference. Being busy at work always helps me avoid snacking. I have been really good this past week and even completed another extra long fast of 64 hours last weekend.

Still on my unbreakable plateau but feeling confident that I am still on the right track to meet my goal. I have been eating really healthy and feeling really good and so that is half the battle!

I am back into my fall schedule of pottery all day every Sunday and so that also helps with my fasting because I do my all day fasts on Sunday when I am in pottery class. Being so busy in class always helps me complete an all day fast because I don't even think about food until around 6 pm. After that it is no problem at all to continue my fast until bed and the next day I eat at noon so it's a snap!

This year I am taking two pottery classes. The regular on Sunday but also signed up for an evening class on Tuesday nights so I am sure that will contribute to me maintaining my schedule with fasting as well.

Really looking forward to trying out these new pottery classes: Crystalline Glazing and Creative Extruding. Very different than anything I have done in the past and with a new teacher too so I am looking forward to learning lots of new techniques.

Today I am fasting until dinner when I plan to have break-fast at about 7pm of Thai food and then it is off to a comedy club with some friends for a good laugh.


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