Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fasting = Fasting. No slips!

Lately I have been starting to relax a bit on my fasting rules. I eat a little outside my window or extend it slightly. I have a latte when I should just have water, I chew gum.

These things don't seem like they are all that bad but I have noticed the scale creeping back up. Little things DO matter when it comes to fasting. Fasting means Fasting. No gum, no juice no nothing!

I am going to stop this bad habit and go back to my strict ways. Nothing but water or tea with no milk or sugar. Sticking to my window with a vengeance and trying to avoid any slips.

It always seems so easy to just slip back to old habits, even after I have been doing this successfully for over two years, I still struggle. It is an ongoing battle but one worth fighting.

Stay strict my friends!


  1. I love your honesty...with yourself and your're doing fabulous!

  2. You are one of the top 10 intermittent fast blogs imho. I am a little upset you seem to have stalled. I am on the 16/8 for a month now and down about 10 lbs eating fast food everyday almost complete diet except fruit and sardines. I try to pick a healthy choice like a famous star or a taco and macho taco at Del Taco with no fries and no corn soda. Then some fruit and maybe another fast food sandwich with water. Anyways I have less than 2000 calorie goal too and it is easy to meet. At 276.2 right now. Seems the 100lbslater blog has a plan I will follow if this fails. Anyways keep posting I love it.


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