Friday, September 17, 2010

2 Long Fasts this week!

I was finally able to do two long fasts in one week. I am on another plateau lately (174-171) up and down, up and down all within the same range. SO, I am trying to kick start my weight loss with two long fasts per week rather than just one.

I usually fast everyday in Fast-5 style, 19 hours per day. Once per week I skip my meal entirely and so fast between 40-48 hours. This usually keeps me in balance calorie wise for the week but in an effort to knock myself off my plateau I added another one this Thursday.

It went really well, I felt great and hopefully the scale will show the results and I will finally break into the 160's!!!

Once I hit 165Lbs, I will have lost 50Lbs! Right now I am at 44Lbs lost, still really good but only a little more than half way there. My goal is to lose 80Lbs total so I need to change it up a bit now as my progress is slowing down.

I am also going back to the weights. I have taken a couple week break because I sprained my ankle. But I am just going to focus on upper body and core and keep the momentum going! I really enjoy the weights and this should also help me to keep moving in a downward direction.


  1. Your success is inspiring to me. I had a (very) off week and need to get back on the horse.

    I'm supposed to weigh in tomorrow morning but am not sure if I have the guts to do so!

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