Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Can't break the barrier

For some reason my body really, really wants to stay in the 170's. I can't get on that 169 number! The closest I have gotten was 170.6 but that only lasted a day and back up and down between 174 and 170...

I have been doing two 40 hour fasts per week for three weeks now and still, staying in the 170's. I am going to the gym too, and still, staying in the 170's. I am trying to be patient...knowing that all the way there it has been like this. 3 Lbs down, 2 Lbs up, 3 Lbs down, 2 Lbs up...slowly but surely.

My weight tracking chart may go up and down, but the main trend is down, so I just have to wait. Remain consistent and wait.

I will get there, one pound and a time (hopefully!).


  1. Jenna I am so inspired and encouraged by your blog,and really appreciate how honest you are.Stay encouraged,thanks for the motivation.

    PS,you are so clear and understanding :)

  2. Keep the faith! This does work. Our bodies need time to reorganize themselves after losing a significant amount of weight. You're an inspiration and I'm pulling for you!

    Here's a link to a forum at the Shangri-La diet -- their diet is different but I believe the experience with plateaus may be similar.
    "Ethesis" says: In this method, a plateau is just a plateau. I've lost about 63 pounds (down another half pound this morning). The last forty pounds lost, about half of the time in the last five months (I've been on seven months today) has been spent on plateaus.

  3. P.S. I believe that we tend to plateau at weights that we held for a long time in the past. Did you weigh 170-174 lbs for a long time earlier in your life? Your body may be used to that weight and try to hold it for a while.
    Keep going with Fast5, you'll make it to the 160's!

  4. I agree with goal: thin. I have plateaued at 139 to 140 but am sticking to it. I have good days and off days but all in all am doing it. It seems that running on the street instead of treadmill has tricked my body or is using other muscles and that is helping the weight...plus, going back to work. Love ya!!!!

  5. I'm still encouraged by you, barrier or no, that despite this plateau, you're sticking like glue. It is buoying me up. I also periodically fast for 40 hrs as you say, and I am currently at a plateau, too. Lost about 20 lbs, 25 more to go. I would love to lost most of it by Christmas, but that's only 15 weeks....we shall see. No matter what, no turning back. There's so much power in fasting, and then enjoying my food like a queen when it's time to eat. Be encouraged! ~anna


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