Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Well all that talk about not being able to break the barrier and I forgot that I did break a barrier not long ago here.

So it can't be all that bad. I was really happy to get into the 170's so not doing too bad I guess. The only thing that bothers me sometimes is seeing that pic on the left of my blog, the before and after pic. In May I was 178...Well, now it is almost Oct. and I am only at 171, only 7 Lbs in almost 5 months! That is really slowing down.

Obviously I need to kick it up a notch. I thought that doing the 2 long 40 hour fasts per week would help but maybe I am still eating too much in my eating window.

I know I still eat when I am not hungry. I have to stop that. I will bring less food with me to work Mon-Fri. Hopefully that will help some. The only problem is the vending machine...when my head tells me to eat and there is nothing there, the vending machine looms. So, NO CASH!

That is the main issue, my head telling me to eat. Once I open the eating window, my old self is released, eating everything in sight. I may have found a way to lower my weight but I haven't really found a way of fixing what was wrong in my head in the first place...that is the hard part.

I will try to be more aware of my intake and think hard about why I overeat...I want to fix this, I want to get to my goal, and stay there!


  1. Oh, I can sooooo relate!!! As much as I hate to, I think I need to loosely monitor my caloric intake. I've been maintaining 139 lbs or so since December. For my height, I know I need to lose at least 10 more lbs. I know I'm maintaining because I overeat during my eating window. Thanks for continuing to share your journey.

  2. I feel exactly what you mean! At a certain point when I'm full I keep eating almost to defy myself -- like my brain is telling my full stomach, "you're not the boss of me! I'll keep eating if I want to."
    Not a useful behavior at all!
    Good luck and keep trying!!

  3. I know what you mean about breaking barriers. I will consider it a major accomplishment to drop below 240 lbs, which I can hopefully do within the next four weeks.

    And I bet you will break into the 160s any day now! :)

  4. Paula and I were talking on the phone today and she asked me if I had this post here I and I have 'talked' about 'kicking it up a notch' a few times on this journey of being released from the weight...I've been on a plateau for a YEAR...can I scream? About a month ago or so I found this amazing blogger,,don't ask the name or who she is but she is amazing,lol. She has over 2000 subscribers..blow me down. She has reached her goal..actually surpassed her goal. She was hoping 145..she is about 130 now..the reason I am sharing this though is when I read this part...she was on a plateau ready? TWO YEARS!!! I was floored! I couldn't believe it. She still did what she had to do though. Kept doing her thing, but the weight wouldn't come off. She didn't give up though..just kept plugging away. Than when the plateau stopped, the rest of the weight came I found such comfort in that knowledge for me as I am here on this plateau..needing to be released from 20 to 25 lbs..(like 110 lbs was easier than this..which just blows me away)..well I have rambled enough,,lol. Keep on keeping on girl!!

  5. Hi! Angela, could you pass along the link to that blog? I'd love to be able to read that for inspiration!

  6. I'm on a plateau myself....however it keeps creeping up...When I broke into the 170s it was awesome and the weight came off! i got down to 172 and then 3 lbs up...2lbs down and on and on. Today = 176!! UGH!!! WHY?!??! =)
    I'm still getting married Dec 31st and still desperately trying to lose weight. Jenna, I'm going to finally take your advice from months ago and start doing a whole day fast. You're now on to twice a week - I'm going to try once a week!
    Thanks for sharing...I don't feel so alone ;-)

  7. Hi. Here is an idea for folks who are stuck at the dreaded plateau on fast-5. When you end 19 hours of fasting, whenever that might be for you, and open the window for eating, take the first hour to fill up on low-caloric foods. This could be a plate of raw veggies, a fruit, or, my favorite, a green smoothie. When this happened to me, I took it as my body saying, OK, now that you've adjusted your behavior so that you're not mindlessly grazing all day, let's tweak things a little bit. It took me a while to figure out that fast-5 doesn't mean going on a 5 hour food bender at the end of my day. That might work for some, but not for me. What works for me is to break the fast gently. I also find that I do best when I finish my main meal at the end of the fourth hour, so in my 2-7 window this means I'm done with dinner by 6 and can have something light to close the window in the last hour. That might be a cup of decaf with cream, a cup of plain yogurt, a piece of fruit, etc. Also, I don't ever weigh myself. Ever. I really believe that it causes a lot of stress, that raises the cortisol level (especially for someone who struggles with body weight) and starts an unfortunate feedback loop. The other thing that has helped me get through long plateaus is exercise. I don't do "chronic cardio", as I find that it doesn't really help in any way. I do a vigorous flow-style yoga 3-4 times a day, I take long walks with my dog on weekends, and I try to do a "Body by Science"-style heavy lifting session once a week. That's it. Good luck to everyone who's embarked on the fast-5 journey to health and fitness. It is truly freeing.

  8. Great comment! Thanks for the advice I will try some of that. My main problem seems to be eating even though I am full. I WANT rather than NEED that food.


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