Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fasting on Vacation

Well, I am back from my cruise to report how it went fasting on a non stop, floating food buffet!

It went pretty well. I stuck to my 5 hour window about half of the cruise. The other half I had two meals instead of one. Not too bad. I did, however eat tons of rich food and lots of desserts. The food was pretty excessive on the ship, they even had a huge "Dessert Extravaganza" one night at 11pm that consisted of an entire room filled with tables full of all kinds of desserts, cakes, pies, puddings, tarts, cookies, pastries, chocolates and to top it all off, two chocolate fountains and a cotton candy machine. Pretty crazy!

I was feeling pretty bloated and terrible after it all, in fact, I was out at a store the day after and a woman asked me when I was due!!! I could hardly believe my ears. I told her that I wasn't pregnant, and she said, "oh, I was going to congratulate you." I said, "Yah, congratulations for being fat!" I hope she felt like the idiot she is. Who asks that?! Don't people know that unless you actually see a baby's head crowning you don't assume someone is pregnant??

But, despite all that, with my 64 hour fast before the cruise and another 64 hour fast after the cruise, I managed to LOSE a total of 1 pound. Pretty impressive I think considering....

I am back to my regular new and improved schedule and yesterday had my wonderful salad, some fruit, an egg and a slice of wheat free bread. I plan to have the same today and tomorrow have some stir-fry.

I am feeling pretty confident that the scale will keep going down and I will start to see the path to my goal getting shorter and shorter! I am going to pretend that pregnant thing never happened!!! Geeeeze!


  1. I thought everyone knew not to congratulate on pregnancies until they're announced! I don't say anything when people lose weight either, just "you look great!" and then if they want to share their experience they will.
    Congrats on your success!! :) Sounds like you're really on the right path, keep it up!

  2. Perhaps someone said that to her once to hurt her feelings, so she's passing that along to you. The logical assumption is she's just another insecure woman trying to be hurtful....there's no shortage of those, so don't take it to heart. Perhaps she sensed an air of confidence about you, and wanted to knock you down a bit. She's an idiot either way. You rock, and don't forget it.


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