Monday, August 8, 2011

Long Fasts

Today is the beginning of my new schedule. I have started with an extra long fast. Since next week I am on vacation, on a cruise, where eating is the main event, I feel I need two extra long fasts this month. One just before the cruise, and one just after.

I have been fasting since 8pm on Sunday evening and will break my fast on Wednesday at noon, making my fast a total of 64 hours. I will then have my regular lunch of salad and fruit with a slice of wheat free bread and some chocolate (I plan to be controlled, to eat my food nice and slow, to savour it and not overeat).

Next week while I am on my cruise, I still plan to fast 19 hours every day only I will break my fasts at dinner. I am sure that I will be eating much more than normal though as there are regular 5 course meals on a ship with indulgent desserts everywhere you look. I am going to enjoy the cruise but eat within my 5 hour window and try to make smart choices. Once I am back I will do another 64 hour fast and hopefully the two long fasts will balance out any over eating I do while onboard the ship.

So far I feel great during this fast, I find when I have made a decision in my mind to not eat, then eating is not an issue. It really highlights to me how much of this overeating is "in the mind" and I am sure that if I can figure out how to "just decide" not to overeat, I will be successful. Just got to figure out why I can't "just decide".

The schedule should really help to keep my fasts regular. I am really excited about this new plan and I feel confident that it will be what helps me reach my goal once and for all!


  1. Hi Jenna,
    Good planning! You'll get there.
    I'm reconfiguring my plan too as I've been stuck at my current weight for months. Here's hoping we'll both get over this hump and start losing again!
    Have a wonderful time on the cruise! :)

  2. Hey Jenna: I love your plan for the fall and will model my own after it. I especially like your strategy for the cruise. It is very realistic - you are planning for success.

    I have been doing fast - 5 since June and have been following your blog every week. The plan fits my life and I don't have to contort my life to fit the plan. Like you, once I decide to not eat, it is easy to not eat. The challenge is what to eat and how much to eat during my eating window.

    I am a teacher so my summer eating window has been noon to 5 pm but in September I am going to try 5 pm to 10 pm. I am so busy during the day I think I can more easily fast at work and then break my fast when I get home. The trick will be not to over eat when I break the fast.

    I really enjoy your blog, Jenna.


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