Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fasting Schedule

Today I decided it is time to make some changes so I can get to my ultimate goal of losing a total of 80 pounds. So far I have lost just over half of that. The changes I have made in my life so far have gotten me half way, but I have now levelled out and hit an unbreakable plateau. Now it is time to kick it up a notch so that I can reach my goal.


I will continue to fast 19 hours of the day and eat during a 5 hour window most of the time.

I will eat lunch and will avoid wheat completely having only salad and fruit with a slice of wheat free bread. I plan to have a small amount of chocolate as well so I don't feel deprived. I really enjoy my salad and LOVE fruit so this won't be difficult for me, I already do this anyway, so no big change here.

I will buy my lunch, probably a veggie stir-fry with rice, or sushi.

I will eat dinner out and enjoy an indulgent meal but make smart choices, salad instead of fries, no cheese, no appetizers.

I will cook a nice meal at home.

I will allow this schedule to shift as needed to accommodate celebrations or vacations but will always get right back to my routine once the celebration is over.

Any desserts will be low calorie options like angel food cake, yogurt, low fat puddings etc. probably only Saturday & Sunday when I eat at home.

I will continue with my all day fasts once per week of 36+ hours.

I will add in an extra long fast once per month of 60+ hours.

I will continue with yoga three times per week.

I will stop eating the following foods:

French Fries
Extra Cheese
I bring slices of cheese to eat with my lunch or snack on slices of cheese. I will stop doing that and won't add cheese to sandwiches etc.

These changes should greatly reduce the amount of calories I have in a day.

I feel like these food changes are going to be easy to incorporate because most of these foods are foods I can take or leave. Slices of cheese were just an easy snack that I felt was healthier than having cookies or chips or something like that.

Chips and French fries might be a challenge but I hope that if I try to eliminate them completely and occasionally struggle with that, at the very least I will greatly reduce them from my diet.

Once pottery begins in the fall, I will switch my cooking at home night from Sunday to Friday and do my 36+ hour fast on Sundays instead. This will mean I eat my salad Monday-Wednesday and have my take out lunch on Thursday (of course this is all not set in stone, just my way of keeping a routine to always go back to if I have to adjust to fit events in my life now and then).

In order to keep on schedule with my fasting and to ensure that I am strict with my long fasts, I have created a calendar. This should make it easy to follow and keep me accountable. It also helps to visualize when a long fast is necessary to help correct any indulgent eating that might happen during a vacation or event. I have organized my fasting days around these events.

I am looking forward to reaching my goal! I know I can get there!







  1. Excellent plan! I like the once a month 60+ fast. Great idea, I may have to steal that one. I know you're gonna do great!

  2. I like how you've re-evaluated and are allowing flexibility in your plan. I also like the 60+. The one thing that made me sad was that you are going to give up avocados and nuts. They are high calorie, but high in MUFA's which are awesome at reducing belly fat. I eat 1/2 nuts or 1/4 avocado everyday. Maybe one day you'll add them back.

  3. The avocado and nuts was a difficult decision I know how good they are for me but when I evaluated my calorie intake for the day, these were the things I felt I could do without and would make the biggest impact. We will see how it goes on the scale and maybe at some point I can slowly add them back in.

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