Friday, July 29, 2011

Getting Control

I have been trying to do the 2 hour window with little success...I ate past my window a couple of days this week, even past the 5 hour window. I think it is just stress but I have to get my eating window back under control.

Today I did well, I am waiting for my window to open at 5pm today and we are going to have some burgers at Red Robin tonight and then later have some wine with friends. I will keep my regular 5 hour window for the weekends but next week I am going to try again on the 2 hour window experiment.

I would like to keep it to two hours Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and do a full day fast on Mondays. Then have a regular 5 hour window Friday and Saturday. Hopefully this schedule will help me get back on track.

Aside from this, I do feel happy with the way I look in the mirror lately. I find I look thin, and don't feel bloated or fat lately at all. I think yoga is helping with that. I have really been enjoying yoga, I go three days a week and always look forward to it and feel amazing after class. It is a great little break from the grind of life too, to just focus and breathe.

If I never lose the last 30 pounds, I will be happy with that I think. It would be great to reach my ultimate goal though but I am not obsessing about getting there. I am just going to try to get my overeating under control, continue with my yoga and see how it goes.


  1. Jenna, I have no doubt that you know this but one meal at Red Robin will easily contain more calories than you need for one day. Add wine and wha-la, you're good for a few days.

    Most people can eat 2+ days worth of calories in 2 hours.

    Smaller portions is the only way to drop those calories down to where you need them to be to lose more weight. The time-window is just a trick - it means little if you pig out during that time.

    So, that said, if you're eating as little as you care to eat and are happy with your body then - SCORE - you win!

    If you want to drop more weight then maybe cut back even more on meal size.

    And I (not that my opinion counts) am not a big fan of the multi-day fasts. I think people just get TOO hungry and then they eat even more when they do eat. To go two days without food and then eat a "normal" sized meal requires the discipline of Ghandi.

    Your stubborn weight seems to provide evidence that it doesn't work too well.


  2. I completely agree with you. Overeating has always been my biggest obstacle. I am trying tricks to figure out how to eat less without giving up a great burger and some wine on weekends.

    That is why intermittent fasting has worked so well for me up to now, because I can eat an indulgent meal and not feel like I am on a diet all the time.

    The majority of my week I eat very healthy, veggies and fruit with some protein. I am not willing to give up the foods I love and diet, because I know that this doesn't work for me long term.

    I do want to eventually get to my goal weight though so I realize I will have to make some sacrifices along the way to achieve that. The problem is that in order for this to work long term, I have to make sacrifices that I will be able to maintain long term. This is why I keep experimenting with different ways to use the tool that has worked the best for me so far; intermittent fasting.

    I know I will get there eventually, but sometimes my impatience gets the best of me. It shouldn't though because all the changes I have made throughout this journey have been slow, progressive changes, not radical, cold turkey ones.

    Meal size is one of the things I HAVE to change, so that said, you are absolutely up the foods I love? I don't think that will happen. Trying to eat less of them? Definitely.

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