Monday, July 4, 2011

No Diet Guilt

This weekend was a really fun long weekend, it was Canada Day last weekend and it is the 4th of July celebrations in the states. I know I ate WAY too much this weekend is so hard when our lives are so centered on food when we are having fun!

I ate in restaurants tons and had lots of wine. I ate outside my eating window on Saturday and was really bad, having fast food at 3AM after coming in from a night out watching live music at a fun lounge.

It was fun, but now it is over, back to regular old day to day eating schedule...which is another reason I love intermittent fasting. Yes, I was bad this weekend, but NO I don't feel complete guilt and I haven't beaten myself up and thrown all my goals out the window. I just know that I will go right back to fasting for 19 hours every day, eating low carb three-four days per week, doing yoga three days a week and enjoying life with a smaller body.

I know this because, this is my life. There are lots of people I know who are skinny and have been their whole lives. Just because they are thin, doesn't mean they never enjoy a burger at 3am, or drink too much wine one night or have too many desserts one day. They still do these things and stay thin because once the fun is over, they go right back to living their lives like they did before, following whatever healthy lifestyle they live that keeps them thin and healthy.

I have found my way of life and I know that one weekend of over indulgence is not going to take that all away from me.

Live your life, enjoy your celebrations, and get right back to your healthy lifestyle when the fun is over and you will be just fine!

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