Saturday, July 9, 2011

Working out for weight loss

I often wonder how we are all so misinformed about so many things in the diet and exercise industry. I think it is mainly because people create these myths to help themselves make money and then they are repeated so many times by people who seem to know what they are talking about and so we believe them.

It only makes sense once you actually think about it, that what they say cannot be true.

If starvation mode was true, how are people who are actually starving so skinny, skeletons actually. Anorexics, poor starving children in Africa etc...If starvation mode were true they would look fat.

The same is true for silly things like "abs of steel" videos. Use this workout video 20 minutes a day and you will have abs of steel! How is this actually possible? If all the person changed was doing this video 20 minutes a day their stomach would actually get bigger.

Think about it. Their diet stays the same, they don't burn fat any other way, like through cardio exercise or fasting, and they are going to get a flat stomach from doing sit ups? NO.

Just doing sit ups will work out your abdominal muscles which will increase their size. When you work out a muscle you make it bigger. That is why body builders have such big arms, they get the muscle bigger by working it out. If you change nothing else and don't burn the fat away that is on top of your ab muscles, your stomach will look bigger with just working out your abs because you are just increasing the size of your abs under your fat.

If you want rock hard, six pack abs, you need to burn the fat away that is on top of them. We all have a six pack under there, it is just waiting to be revealed.

Unfortunately, you cannot isolate the area in which you want fat to burn away over others. Fat will burn away in the way the body wants it to, which is usually not the area we want it to. If your stomach is the area that is always the biggest, your stomach is probably the area that will lose weight last. Fat tends to burn off in the order in which it was put on, from last to first. So if you gain weight in your stomach first and your face last, then your face will lose weight first when you start burning it.

Doing crunches or squats will not speed this process along and somehow allow your body to jump to that area first. You cannot make muscle burn the fat around that area, it doesn't work that way.

Burn off the fat using an actual fat burning method like FASTING or CALORIE restriction. Add in some cardio to help kick it up a notch, Then, your muscles will be visible without all that fat on top of them.


  1. Women generally dont have the testosterone to develop big bulky arms like men/body builders. True, there is not such thing as spot reduction but you still need to do sit ups to tone them up (abs and obliques) or it wont give the curves

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  3. While the mainstream fitness media still insists that aerobic
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    Still not convinced?

    A recent study published by the North American Association for the
    Study of Obesity, subjects aged 40 to 75 were instructed to do 60
    minutes of aerobic exercise per day for 6 days per week for an
    entire year.

    Given the amount of exercise, you'd expect weight losses of 20, 30
    pounds, or more, right?

    Well, the surprise findings showed the average fat loss for female
    subjects was only 4 pounds for the entire year, while men lost 6.6
    pounds of fat over the year. That's over 300 hours of aerobic
    exercise just to lose a measly 6 pounds of blubber. Not time well
    spent, in my opinion.

    So what's the better way? Stick with Turbulence Training, using
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    training. If you are walking or running outside, find an incline
    that can challenge you for 60 seconds, then walk down for 60-120
    seconds, and repeat up to 6 times.

    If you walk or run on a treadmill, adjust the incline or speed to
    safely increase the challenge for 60 seconds, then return to the
    normal pace for 60-120 seconds, and repeat up to 6 times.

    You can also use a rowing machine, bicycle or stationary bike, or
    even an elliptical machine to do intervals.

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