Monday, September 19, 2011

Using a Long Fast to Correct Eating Mistakes

I am in the middle of a long fast, planning to end tomorrow at dinner time which will make 48 hours.  Fasting for an extended period is an excellent way to even the score and correct some eating mistakes. Last week my husband was out of town to be with his family after his sister passed away.

I ate foods that I are not part of my regular routine. More carbs and less veggies. I usually eat a big salad and a good amount of fruit with little to no carbs 5 days a week and only indulge in more extravagant foods on the weekend. Last week I ate lots of rice and bread and pasta, which is why I probably had much more cravings than usual.

So today I am using the extended fast to correct those mistakes and detox the body in preparation of going back to my regular eating habits. I am drinking lots of water and tea to help cleanse and I am really looking forward to eating my big salad again!

The real key to any lifestyle change or long term successful diet plan is to always go right back to your healthy routine again after a stumble. Don't use the stumble as an excuse to just give up and call it a day. That is why those skinny, healthy people you know who have never struggled with weight a day in their life are thin. It isn't because they never have treats or bad weeks or indulge, it is because, for the most part, they live a healthy lifestyle, always returning to that routine after the stumble.

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