Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Living the High Life

On Saturday it was my husband's birthday. He turned 39 and so we had a great celebration with dinner at our favourite restaurant. I made a cake that was ridiculously big, three layers like a wedding cake of chocolate cake with cream cheese icing. There were 6 of us at dinner and after eating our fill of cake there were still two layers left!

On Monday we checked into the newest hotel in Downtown Vancouver, the Fairmont Pacific Rim. Because of where I work I get great deals on hotels and this one was two nights in the hotel plus a $50 spa credit for $99! We decided to take the deal and stay in the hotel for two nights because we have tickets to the Tom Petty Concert tonight (tuesday) 2nd ROW by the way, and thought it would be great to stay downtown rather than driving back home, an hour away, after the concert.

Through all of this I have managed to keep my lifestyle of intermittent fasting nicely on track. The beauty of IF is that you can live your life and enjoy food without any difficulty. I packed three days worth of lunches and snacks on Sunday night in preparation for this little stay downtown so that I wouldn't have to spend too much money on eating out and have just enjoyed my evenings downtown with walks in the park, window shopping and people watching.

It has been great. I now believe that intermittent fasting is just a part of my life and so it comes naturally. I rarely have to think about what I am doing or meticulously plan out all these special foods to eat etc. I just live and enjoy. Last night I even sat in a restaurant with my husband while he ate some pizza and had some beer. It didn't faze me at all! I had no problem watching him eat and in fact felt quite full until around 10pm from my snack at 4pm.

The scale has been moving down, slowly lately but I have noticed that I am feeling smaller. I could be losing inches without losing pounds right now. I will measure myself in a couple of days to see. But I am feeling wonderful and really looking forward to reaching my goal. I am almost half way there and I don't see any end in sight to my weight loss as of yet.

Intermittent fasting is now my way of life and I am loving every minute of it!


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