Saturday, June 26, 2010


PLATEAU! Since May 10th when I saw a loss of 4Lbs in one week, the scale each Monday has shown:  


Sticking hard to the 178 average for QUITE a while now. I am not discouraged though even though for 6 weeks I have been on this plateau. I BELIEVE in Fast 5 and KNOW that with patience and persistence that my body will reorganize and I will continue on the downward movement.

Here is my weight loss chart so far. A definite downward moving chart (with a little straight line at the bottom. But, notice that there are a couple other straight lines along the way). 

When I look at my overall results though, there is no mistaking my downward movement. OVERALL I have continued to move down and it is only normal that the progress would slow. I have made a few changes though to try to speed things up. I have added in one more long fast per week (starting last week), I have decided to give up my afternoon snack, or at least cut it back to veggies and fruit only. I have added in weight training to my weekly routine. I want to have a body like this girl someday!

All of these little changes MUST have an effect eventually and so I will patiently get on the scale every week and wait for results that are sure to come.

On a happier note, I did have a non-scale victory this week when I tried on a little jacket that I purchased a few months ago. It was too small when I bought it but I was hopeful that I would eventually fit into it and so got it anyway.

On Monday this week I tried it on and it FIT! YEAH! (although, I must admit that after my break-fast it was a bit snug) I was so excited that I dressed up for work with a skirt and high heels and the cute little frilly jacket and the compliments started flying. Everyone at work mentioned how I looked and some people who had never mentioned my weight loss were stopping me in the halls saying, WOW, you have really lost weight, how did you do it? You look amazing!

It felt really good and made this recent plateau much easier to swallow.


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