Saturday, June 26, 2010

Same old myths

Every time I talk to someone new about Intermittent Fasting who hasn't heard of it before I get the EXACT same questions:

Doesn't your body go into starvation mode though if you don't eat?

Isn't that really hard, aren't you really hungry all the time?

Don't you feel light headed and tired though?

I calmly listen to their questions with a smile and expertly inform them that they those common questions are based on MYTHS that the diet industry has drilled into our heads.

No, you will not go into "STARVATION" mode if you don't eat for a few hours. You are not "STARVING". People in our society have no idea what "STARVING" is, not the slightest clue.

There are convenience stores, Starbucks, McDonalds, restaurants, grocery stores, cafe's, buffets, kitchen cupboards and refrigerators in all of our lives, how in the world would it be possible for us to have the slightest idea what starving would feel like?

No, I am not hungry all the time. My body has adjusted and has better things to do that whine for food all the time. I don't give it a constant stream of food and so it doesn't "crave" the constant calories. That is what gives you the "hunger" pains. The more you eat the hungrier you will feel (the food companies know this and they play on it). Besides, my body is having a feast when I don't eat. It is eating what it has saved for a special occasion; my stomach fat! My body is very satisfied, no need to scream for food when you are already eating is there?

No, I am not tired or light headed. I feel FANTASTIC! NEVER BETTER! Fasting has opened up a whole new world of energy for me that I never knew was possible. I just thought it was normal to be exhausted all the time. Now I realize that it was because my body was working SO hard trying to digest all the excess food I was consuming every day. Now it is much more efficient and can focus its energies on other things.

Bottom line, don't believe everything they tell you...Remember they just want you to buy more food and then get the diet book to help you lose the weight you gained from all the food. The diet book will sell a plan that is almost impossible to follow because they want you to gain all the weight back so that you will have to buy more diet books and so on...Money is king in these industries people!

Do what works for you and do what you can maintain for LIFE and you will be successful.

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