Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Everyone who stays thin is essentially on a diet

I was thinking about intermittent fasting and how it has become part of my life and engrained in my routine. It has really just become my lifestyle. It is helping me lose weight and I know that once I reach my goal weight it will be what helps me to stay there. It is not a diet but it is how I will stay thin.

That is true with everyone who stays thin. People who have never been overweight and those who have lost weight and kept it off. They are all technically on a diet I suppose, they just don't realize it. Whatever it is that they do to stay thin is just a part of their lives, it is how they go about their day, they exercise and eat right and live a balanced lifestyle. (of course there are some people out there who eat like mad and don't gain weight thanks to good genes)

Each of them probably do it in their own way. They eat six small meals a day, they eat small portions, they avoid those high calorie sweets, they exercise regularly, they incorporate fasting or cleanses. Whatever it is, that is what keeps them looking the way they do, their lifestyle.

Anyone who has ever dieted, lost weight and re-gained it plus some more, knows that it was a failure because the diet was too difficult to incorporate into their lifestyle long term.

I guess I am starting to really feel confidence and relaxation because I have found something that has become a part of my daily routine that I can do for life. I can just live and put my efforts to something else, because for me, intermittent fasting no longer requires any effort, it is just as much a part of my routine as getting up and going to work.

So, when I look around and see those people who always seem to be in great shape, I no longer wonder how in the world they do it when it is so difficult for me. I now know that once you find what works for you, it just comes naturally, and the weight goes away, and stays away.

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