Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Many different ways to fast

There are so many ways to incorporate intermittent fasting into your life. That is the beauty of intermittent fasting. Each person can choose what method works for them. Intermittent fasting can be adapted to fit your lifestyle rather than what most diets demand (adapting your lifestyle to fit the diet).

Fasting every other day

Some people use the fasting every other day method. This consists of eating normally, three meals a day, every other day and fasting for an entire day every other day. This would mean that you would be fasting for approximately 35 hours every other day (assuming you stopped eating at 8pm on January 1st and broke your fast at 7am on January 3rd for example).

This is a very effective method. Little less flexibility though as inevitably there will be an event or celebration on your fast day that you would have to adjust your eating days for. You can still do this though as intermittent fasting can be adjusted no matter which method you use.

Eat, Stop, Eat

Brad Pilon created this method of fasting and it consists of incorporating a 24 hour fast 2-3 days per week. Those fasting days can move around as needed, which creates a high level of flexibility. You would eat normally on non-fasting days, three meals per day, then incorporate a 24 hour fast as your schedule allows. Finish eating at 8pm the night before a fast and then break that fast the next day at 8pm so you have fasted for a total of 24 hours. He also advocates for weight training. "Lift something heavy." as he puts it. He says use how much you eat to lose weight and use weight training to build muscle, not the other way around. More info at

I like the flexibility of the Eat, Stop, Eat program and I also love how to the point Brad Pilon is.

Fast 5

Fast 5 is the method that I use with elements of Eat, Stop, Eat. I eat within a 5 hour window each day. The window can be any time you like 12-5, 5-10, 8-1. Whatever fits your schedule. This program was created by Dr. Bert Herring, more info at You can even download his book FOR FREE if you sign in with your email address.

In my window (12 - 5pm) I eat a normal meal and then around 3 or 4 I will have a snack. I also incorporate one long fast per week which is usually 35-40 hours long. I find this helps to keep me plateau free and creates a calorie deficit that keeps me on track if I over eat during my eating windows throughout the week.

The beauty of Fast 5 is that you can move the window to any 5 hour period, if a special dinner is planned then you just wait to eat until dinner time and then your window is open from that time on for five hours.

Whatever method you choose, intermittent fasting is flexible. Move it, mold it, adjust it to fit you and your lifestyle. Intermittent fasting allows you to eat the foods you love and not feel deprived. There is no time when you have to say, "I can't have that." Have it. Of course you don't want to binge and eat donuts all day long but one donut is fine. Everything in moderation.

Fasting allows you to enjoy food and live among the living. Go to that restaurant for that celebration dinner next week with you family, eat and enjoy! No counting, no substituting for low fat, and salad dressing on the side, no special meals or packaged powders, just real life food that realistically will include occasional treats.

Fasting = Freedom!


  1. Hope you don't mind, and hopefully I remember,,lol, I plan on sharing this post and your blog with my readers on my Healthy Thinking thursday. This will help explain so much to others my way of eating...thanks for sharing this.

  2. Fasting is such a great way to lose and maintain weight. I can't imagine ever walking away from fasting...for good, anyway. Love ya!

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