Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Is it worth it?

Have you ever done a spinning class?

I did one once and it was so hard that I actually felt like I would faint. They work HARD. It is a MAJOR workout. The other day I was talking to a woman who LOVED spinning class. I thought, wow, good for you, that is one hard class.

We began talking about exercise for weight loss. I mentioned that exercise is not really the key for weight loss, how much you eat is really where you will see results. She said, "well, in my spinning class, you can burn up to 400 calories per class."

Wow, 400 calories! REALLY? You mean all that work, all that sweat, all those chest pains and nausea, the feeling that I am going to pass out and the bruise on my bottom that is so bad I can't sit right for days and I burn a whopping 400 calories?!

400 calories:

1 large soda = 400 calories
1 large sesame seed bagel = 400 calories
Starbucks coffee cake = 390 calories
Starbucks Cinnamon Roll = 490 calories
Medium French Fries from McDonalds = 390 calories

If you like spinning class, go for it.
If you go to spinning class because it is good for the health of your heart, go for it.
If you go to spinning class because you want to lose body fat, why?

Would you rather go through the torture of a spinning class or skip your morning bagel?

Think about it.


  1. LOL ... great point! Ha.

    You have inspired me. I've been back on track since Friday or Saturday (I can't remember exactly).

    I definitely feel so much better -- not being bogged down with a gluttonous amount of food throughout the day.

    Tell me ... are you eating low fat meals at night or just regular (what you want) meals? I'm just curious. You look great. -- if you want to email me.

    Thanks for keeping us inspired.

  2. RIGHT ON SISTAH!!! I'm with you on this one. I run now because I like to run, not to burn calories. I ran 5 miles this morning on an empty coffee only and I feel awesome!! It would be pure torture for me to run 5 miles if I was doing it out of anything other than the good feeling I get from running. I'm not a fan of aerobic/spinning classes or the like. I like my freedom to work at my own pace, just like the freedom that comes from i-fasting. Love you chica!!

  3. I do eat the foods I like when I eat. I don't count calories specifically but I do try to keep my eye on the prize which means being careful not to over do it. I keep a general idea in mind of how much I am eating and try to balance my intake.

    For example the other day for my meal I had:

    Chicken Enchilladas (An old GI diet recipe that I really love so it is low calorie, high fiber but really good) with white rice added inside.

    Then I topped that with real sour cream (no low fat garbage) and salsa

    I had a salad before hand with spinach, broccoli and carrot shavings, cucumber, feta, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds,avacado and croutons with asian sesame dressing.

    Then I had a bunch of cherries

    Later for a snack I had a rice crispy square, some blueberries and some probiotic yogurt.

    All in all healthy but I had the rice crispy square because I knew that my enchiladas were low calorie and I had the room to add a treat in.

    The day before I had macaroni and cheese for my main meal so I limited my snacks to fruit and veggies to even things out.

    Great to hear that you are back on track with fasting Beth! Keep it up!

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