Wednesday, July 28, 2010


WOW! I FINALLY hit the half way mark. I thought I would have been here much sooner that I am but this has been one wicked plateau! But this morning I am officially more than half way to my 75Lb loss goal!!!!

VERY happy to see the scale move down again. It has been a while. I did really well today. The only thing I ate that wasn't fruit or veggies was a small amount of chicken parmesan that my husband made and an All Bran bar. Other than that it was salad and lots of fruit today.

Yesterday I lifted weights and did over 200 sit ups! I am sore today and it feels good! I am loving the weight training. I actually look forward to doing it, which is a first for me and exercise.

Tonight I took my dog for a half hour walk and runaround in the field, every little bit helps! Hopefully the scale will continue in this downward motion and the plateau will soon be a faded memory.


  1. Congratulations!! What great motivation to keep going. You're on the right track! :)

  2. You are doing a great job! God help me get back on the Fast Five Plan.

    I'm excited for you!


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