Thursday, July 22, 2010

Longest Fast Yet

I began a fast yesterday at 4pm. It is now 9:30pm and I am still fasting. I intend on fasting until tomorrow at approximately 4pm. That will mean that will have fasted for a full 48 hours. The longest fast I have done so far is 40 hours.

I feel SO good. Full of energy and completely clear minded. I did my weight training today with no problems. It felt really good.

I have had very little hunger today and hopefully that will continue tomorrow. I am hoping to kick start my body into losing some weight! I have been on this 5Lb plateau since May and I am ready to get back in the regular downward movement.

I intend on breaking my fast with a salad and some fruit and then later on enjoying a bbq dinner consisting of grilled chicken, potato salad, dinner rolls, chips and chocolate cake...

Going to be a great meal tomorrow!

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  1. I have done that a few times also. Like you, instead of being weak, I find I have so much more energy, my thoughts are more positive and focused and, well it just FEELS so good physically. It's almost like I'm cleaning out not only the physical body, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually!


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