Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lobster feed

Yesterday was amazing. We had planned to have a big lobster feast while we were here, it was really on the top of our list. There are so many local lobster fishermen here that fresh lobster is everywhere.

We bought 16 Lobsters for 9 people and just ate and ate until we couldn't eat anymore. SO good and really good for you too. Lobsters are almost non-existant in calories. A two pound lobster would only be about 200 calories...Amazing! The claws are the best part. So weird that they really only serve the tail in restaurants. To be honest, the tail was the least flavourful part! I ate a tail and three claws and didn't even want another tail that was left over, I was looking for more claws though!

It was so good and fresh, I did use a bit of garlic butter but it didn't need much. Very yummy!

Yesterday was a good day, and I have been doing alright since I have been here. The fasting is going fine, it is just the over eating during the eating window that I struggle with.

I really need to work on that area. But I guess that is why I was fat in the first place right? I overate. The reasons for that haven't necessarily been resolved fully yet and so it is still a struggle for me even though I have so easily fit IF into my lifestyle.

Thanks to IF, I have been able to get my weight on the right path, but the overeating part is still an issue. I used to over eat three times a day, now I only over eat once, so that helps, but I really need to think about it. I have started doing something a little bit weird but it seems to work. After I have eaten my meal, I go to the washroom and look in the mirror and talk to myself. I say to myself, NO MORE, NOT ONE MORE MORSEL! THAT IS ENOUGH, YOU HAVE HAD PLENTY. Then when I return to the day, I have that thought in my mind with the visual of myself saying, NO MORE. It has helped.


  1. "used to over eat three times a day, now I only over eat once, so that helps, but I really need to think about it"...oh how I can relate. You definitely hit the nail on the head with this thought. I'll try to work on some visualization too. Love you!

  2. Oh and I'm down to 139.2 lbs this morning. I guess I was retaining water because yesterday I drank a ton of it and today makes day 2 of successful intermittent fasting.

  3. Question - my dr says I have a low heart rate and low sugar # but not too low. He is not necessarily recommending the IF but he's not saying not to either. He doesn't agree with me going without something until 5pm especially since I'm working out. He thinks some sort of fruit and a protein is needed at least.

    What are your thoughts on this? I know there's a lot of neg talk about fasting and dr's don't always agree to do it but it loosk like this has worked for you.

    Do you exercise while fasting or wait until you have your window of eating time?

    do you retain a lot of water as I do? sodium is an enemy to me. I drink lots of water is that causing me to retain more?

    I'll check back for your answers and appreciate your time. Keep up the good work.

  4. I do retain water if I eat lots of salt and don't drink water. Drinking lots of water seems to help with this. I am no expert but from what I have noticed with myself, my body will retain water until I drink lots and then it releases what it was holding on to because it is not deprived of liquid. I regularly see this evidence on the scale.

    In your fasting state you should really drink as much water as you can. I need to do better at this but the more the better in my opinion. It helps to curb the cravings and is really, really good for you in many ways.

    I don't do much exercise myself, but when I do, I do it during the fasted state and after food and see no difference. I know Paula does exercise during her fasting state and doesn't have any problems.

    I would suggest trying it and see how you feel. If you feel light headed or dizzy then definately have some fruit or almonds or something. But from what I have heard from others who exercise during the fasting state, they have no issues and even think that it is a myth that you will get light headed or that you need lots of food before hand.

    Check out Brad Pilon's site on the left hand side of my blog near the top. He is a great resource for the benefits of fasting and the myths surrounding it.

    My doctor has seen my results and has given me his blessing to keep doing what I am doing. My blood work results for blood sugar, cholesteral, thyroid etc are all at their lowest ever. My doctor was very pleased to see my results and knows that losing weight and keeping it off is the best thing for my health in the long run.

    IF is not a starvation diet, we get plenty of food and nutrition, even still more than we all really need. Your body will be fine without food for small periods of time, in fact, there are many, many health benefits from fasting including longer life, lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar, it helps people with asthma, it is beneficial for those with arthritis etc...

    Doctors don't necessarily have all the right answers, as is the same with nutritionists. Do your own research, question everything and do what works for you no matter what anyone tells you. That being said, be cautious and listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs.

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  6. Thanks! I appreciate the tips and info!

  7. Anonymous, I'd like to suggest the Fast-5 book as well. The free PDF version is available at


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