Friday, July 23, 2010

Newfoundland is Beautiful!

I thought I would post some pictures from my trip to Newfoundland. Such a beautiful place!

This is the bench that sits on the edge of my brother in law's property overlooking the ocean.

A view of the house from the cliff, the family taking a walk on the property.

The family members that were able to attend the wedding. We managed to get a great group shot.

A bonfire on the beach. So amazing hearing the crashing waves while watching a roaring fire!

Such a beautiful scene.

My brother in law drove us down the cliff in his "PUG" which he loves.

Their dog, Mango, ruling over her kingdom.

Our most adorable little niece, Daisy.

Gary and I on wedding day. I am wearing a MEDIUM dress! Shocking. I love this pic!

On SCREECH in day. A ceremony that Newfies will perform for a select few to make them "honorary" Newfounlanders. You have to eat a dried, salted fish, eat some "newfie steak, (bologna)", kiss a cod, do a shot of screech (a really strong rum) and pledge loyalty to Newfoundland.

Kissing the cod, Yes a real cod, on the lips!

During the lobster feed. MMMMMMM. Yummy!

Gros Morne Regional Park. Look at that little tiny boat!

In a small village on the peninsula called Englee.

SO pretty! Such small little fishing villages there!

Some of the over 20 mouse we saw while in Newfoundland.

The family on a night out with live music, a real Newfoundland experience.

My brother in law's property.

The view from my brother in law's house.

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