Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fasting on the ROCK

Hello all from Newfoundland (lovingly referred to by locals as THE ROCK)

I am here in Stephenville for two weeks on vacation and to be here for a wedding. My husband is from Newfoundland and a lot of his family still live here. We have been having a great time so far touring the island and visiting with family.

I have been sticking to my fasting but not doing to well with the schedule. Eat lunch this day and dinner that day and back to lunch again...so I don't know how that will show up on the scale ( i am not weighing myself out here, thought I should wait until I get home to have accurate results ). I am keeping the 19 hour fast daily though, as much as I can. I find it so much easier being on vacation and practicing intermittent fasting than it was when I was on vacation and on a diet. THAT was impossible. Dieting while on vacation, yeah right. First of all it isn't much fun being on a diet while on vacation, because part of the fun is the food. Second of all the flexibility. If you are not in control of what you eat because you are on the road or staying at someone's home then dieting is almost impossible.

With intermittent fasting, I can eat what everyone else is eating and celebrate and have that meal in your host's favourite restaurant etc... with no worries. IF just molds to the vacation.

Everyone is accepting of what I am doing and haven't really even asked me much about it. They all see the results I have had losing almost 40 Lbs. They don't really question it, just let me do what works for me which is great. I easily just skip breatkfast and lunch and eat dinner for the most part with everyone, since dinner is usually the time when we all gather and socialize, I have switched to dinners for the duration of my trip. There have been a few times where lunch worked better and so I just switched to lunch for those days...again FLEXIBILITY.

Hopefully I will not go up on the scale as I am not doing my all day fasts while I am on vacation, they usually help keep me steady. I also haven't had the opportunity or the time to do my weight training. But, I have been doing lots of walking and have even done a little hike up a mountain, so that should help.

My food hasn't been the best. In fact, for the first four days I didn't eat one fruit or vegetable! I think it is switching to dinners that caused that a bit. Plus, just eating out and stuff doesn't help. It was really weird actually. On Sunday, my body was just SCREAMING for some nutrients. Nothing I did would help until I got a big bag of fruit and veggies at the grocery store. We were travelling around and staying in a hotel for a few nights. I just got the fruit and veggies and ate almost a whole container of blueberries, a huge amount of grapes, a big salad, a big bunch of carrots and some sliced peaches all in one sitting. I felt awesome after that.

It's weird because I hardly ever ate fruit and veggies before I started IF. Now, if I go a little while without them my body is not happy. So I will be watching that from now on.

So hope all is well in IF land. I will try to touch base again while I am here, but I am busy enjoying Newfoundland's scenery and people.

Chow for now!


  1. You look absolutely amazing! So beautiful. You should be mighty proud of yourself. I am a momma to 7, and I did Fast 5 back in April and lost 9 lbs in 3 weeks, don't ask me why I quit, but I'm back as my girlfriend who started with me didn't quit, she's down to a size6 from a size 10 which was tight for her...you and she are my role models. I have about 40-50 lbs to lose. Thanks so much for this blog.

  2. Way to go chica!!! You are doing awesome! I totally agree about intermittent fasting working while on vacation.

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