Sunday, February 6, 2011

Long Fasts

Thanks for all your comments on my last post. It helps to get your opinions. I agree that if I deprive myself too much more I may feel like I am on a diet and then, what is the point? It may come off but will only come back if I can't maintain the change. So I am going to wait it out and see what happens in the next while.

Today I am on one of my long fasts. I last ate at around 10pm on Saturday night and won't break my fast until Monday afternoon at 12. That will make 38 hours. I love my long fasts. I feel really great and the morning before I break my fast is always full of energetic, happy feelings and absolutely NO hunger.

I love the feeling of breaking my fast after waiting so long as well. Food is so much more enjoyable and every smell is magnified. I am hoping sticking to my regular routine will show some results this week. I have hovered for a while now:

Starting on Monday January 17th:




HOVERING around 168. But I usually hover like this for quite a while and then boom, down a few more and hover there instead. So, fingers crossed that this will be the week that I start hovering around a different, lower number!


  1. Hi,
    Have you read Women Food and God by Geneen Roth or any of her books. I am trying to implement some of the tools and advice there. So during my eating window, I am being mindful of each bite, and sometimes I feel I am more satisfied when I really slow down my eating. So eating what I want nothing banned but really taking slow bites and savouring. It seems to help when I was stuck with the weight. It also helps to deal with the reason I put the weight on the first place and that I use food to calm myself.

  2. I have changed my IF from 18/6 to Fast-5 since I realized I ate one meal too much during my 6 hour window. (And thus felt bloated)

    Now I break my fast at 2 pm with for example sushi (my fav food) or a sandwhich or sometimes just fruit or eggs.
    I eat dinner with my family at around 6pm and my window closes at 7 pm.

    I love that I can eat everything and not feel any guilt. I make sure I get the nutrients my body need but I don't feel bad if I sometimes makes less healty choices.

    I read a lot about Fast-5 on the net, but so far you are my biggest inspiration! :)

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