Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Same old Same old

Still stuck...I am back in the 170s for the past two weigh ins...I was out of town for work and eating lots of junk, even though it was in my eating window, there were plenty of indulgent dinners to be had...

So there has been no movement on the scale lately.

Even still, I feel pretty good about how I look lately so I am not overly bothered. I just worry that I will never reach my goal this year at this rate. I bought a pair of pants that I loved that were a bit too tight in anticipation of shrinking into them...well they may be sitting in my closet for longer than I thought!

But I won't give up! I know this works and so I will just stick to it and keep up with my schedule and hope that I can find a way to eat less during my eating window without depriving myself...I am sure that is the issue, just too much when I do eat. Obviously I am not cured of what got me here in the first place, OVEREATING!!! UGGGGG!

Going to be going to Vegas when the weather turns and so I have to buy a bathing suit before I go. I haven't bought a bathing suit in several years, and I am actually looking forward to it which is completely SHOCKING! I will probably change my mind once I am in the fitting room though but for now it is something I am excited to try, to see just how far I have come.

Going to start tanning soon too in anticipation of my trip. We are going to Vegas and then to visit a friend in Austin Texas so I will need a bit of pre-sun as I am whiter than white! I know tanning makes you look thinner too so looking forward to that as well.

Come on scale!! DOWN, DOWN!!!


  1. Hey Jenna! Best of luck. :) Stick with it, you'll get there. I'm in the exact same boat -- traveling, eating too much in my window, not weighing in. I'm looking forward to weighing again because I need some good motivation, I've been slacking recently.
    And careful with the tanning! Hope you're avoiding tanning beds and using a good sunblock -- there are worse things than being a little pale. Safe travels and have a wonderful trip!!

  2. Yes, don't give up. I'm sure IF will get you there eventually. You have done so good so far, an I'm sure it's just a matter of time until it starts going down again :)

    The more I read about IF and the physiologies behind it the more I am getting convinced this is for me, and something I'd want to do for the rest of my life both for health, longevity and weight maintenance.

    I am still fine-tuning my own IF to find what suits me the best. I will try two 24-hour fasts per week, starting the first one tonight.
    (I will fast from dinner to dinner so I still can eat with my family)

    It will be interesting to see where I end up.
    (Two 24-hour fasts per week? 16/8? 17/7? 18/6? Fast-5?)

    Perhaps some kind of combination ...

  3. I am actually monitoring my caloric intake now. I know I can easily maintain my weight with intermittent fasting, I've done it for a long time now. Obviously I was eating more than I needed to eat during my fed state, so I'm keeping an eye on those calories until I reach goal. Then it's total freedom!!! This strategy is working...I'm at my lowest weight.

  4. Well, my planned 24-hour fast ended up as a Fast-5 day after all.

    After 19,5 hours I just felt it would be nice to break the fast. I could've easily gone the full 24 hours, but I just didn't feel the need for it.

    The 19/5 schedule is just very comfortable for me :)

    19 hours of fasting where I feel on top of the world and a bit proud knowing I can stick to it.
    And a 5 hour eating window which is plenty of time to be able to eat the nutrients my body need.
    (And perhaps a li'l something less nutritious I've been craving)


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